Duty Accessories

Police Wallet

These wallets are made of supple leather and are available in two designs. Each come with a inbuilt coin pouch, a bill compartment and several credit card slots. Each wallet also features a concealed photo identification window for your warrant card or photo identification. This also has a storage capability for you drivers licence or other credit card or business card storage requirements. Your Police or Security badge is secured to a separate concealed flap that can be folded in with the identification pouch to ensure that your badge is not exposed when opening your wallet. The badge can be folded out as required and displayed by placing the wallet into your top pocket or belt. This removes the requirement to carry two wallets and ensures that all your identification and financial needs are carried in one convenient hardwearing wallet. An ideal gift for a police or security officer.
Part Number: VSP-PW1
Price: $27-50
Part Number: VSP-PW2 (shown)
Price: $22-00

Security Notebook and Cover

These Security Notebooks have been designed exclusively for VAST and feature all the necessary legal requirements of a Police/Security Notebook.

The books are individually numbered and the pages are sequentially numbered.

The initial pages feature you powers of arrest and the official caution. An aid memoir then lists the Phonetic alphabet, the protocol for taking a description and notebook entries. A bomb threat checklist and emergency phone number list is also included.
The notebooks enable you to record who it was issued to and when to ensure proper accountability and admissibility in Court. The notebook is finished in an attractive navy blue nylon cover with a clear view inside jacket and flap to enable you to store business cards and other information without obscuring the inside covers.
Covers can even be supplied with your company logo on the front, however, minimum quantities apply and there is an additional charge.
Part Number: VSP-NBS
Price: $10-00

Security Identification/Licence Belt Holder

These Security identification/licence holders were especially designed for VAST and are constructed of cordura with a hook and loop fastening system. They are designed to be worn on the belt and enable the Licence to be displayed prominently but securely.

They can then be removed easily from your belt by separating the hook and loop on the inside of the belt or by just opening the hook and loop security flap and removing the Licence without taking the holder form the belt.

These well made, lightweight and inexpensive holders are perfect to satisfy the requirement for security officers to display their licences but still ensuring that they are securely attached to the person and not a weapon that can be used against you such as a lanyard.
Part Number: JMI-ID
Price: $10-00

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