Evidence Collection & Labelling

DNA Collection Kits

The DNA50 kit allows non-medical personnel to collect a blood sample for DNA testing by simply pricking the subject's finger and squeezing a small amount of blood onto the card provided. The kit is then sealed and sent to the laboratory for analysis.
Part Number: SIR-DNA50
Price: $9-90
With the BSK100, non-medical personnel can collect a buccal cell sample for DNA testing by swabbing the inside of the subject's cheek. Swabs are then placed inside the provided envelope and forwarded to laboratory for analysis.
Part Number: SIR-BSK100
Price: $7-70
The possibility of confirming an individual's identity by DNA matching makes the collection of cellular material left at the crime scene mandatory. Each scene presents its own problems and unless the investigator is prepared to collect any and all potential sources of DNA, valuable evidence may be lost. The most frequent forms of forensic evidence available for testing DNA found at the crime scene are: fresh blood, semen, hair roots and clothing stained by physiological fluid.
Part Number: SIR-DNA100
Price: $48-40
Lightning Buccal Swab Collection Kit The Buccal Swab Collection Kit is in the form of a medium size envelope which can be mailed or hand delivered to the laboratory. This type of collection can be done by law enforcement personnel and does not require medical personnel to do the collection. Simply follow the simple directions in the kit as to the collection of the sample by rubbing the cotton swabs in the suspect's mouth or the inside of the cheek. Of course, gloves are provided in the kit, along with documentation forms and security labels. Once the collection is complete, place the swab in the smaller inner envelope, seal it with one of the enclosed evidence seals and ship the sample to your laboratory.
Part Number: LTN-44980
Price: $11-50
Lightning Whole Blood Collection Kit The Whole Blood Collection Kit will most likely require qualified medical personnel to perform the collection of the blood. The kit includes everything necessary for drawing a small blood sample from the individual. It includes a syringe to draw the blood, a glass vial to hold the sample, sterile gauze pad, security and biohazard labels and a padded envelope to protect the blood sample while it is in transit. The kit comes in a small box which can be used to mail or deliver the blood sample to a laboratory. It is important that the officer involved be present and witness the collection procedure. This should be noted on the documentation form.
Part Number: LTN-44984
Price: $11-00
Lightning Blood/Body Fluid Collection Kit For times at crime scenes when you need to collect biological stains for evidence, here is a kit to help you. The Blood/Body Fluid Stain Collection Kit has been developed for the collection of wet or dry stains on surfaces that are not easily transportable to the crime laboratory for analysis, i.e., walls, doors floors, window frames, etc. If the stain is on clothing, bed sheets, couch cushions or items which can be transported, check with your crime laboratory before you decide whether to do the stain collection yourself or to collect the whole object. More than likely, you will be required to submit the entire article for analysis.
This collection kit contains rubber gloves, a vial of distilled water, five envelopes containing two cotton swabs each, five swab envelopes and five swab boxes. It also contains complete instructions for collecting dried stains and wet stains. There is a seal for closing the box and the box meets the United States Postal Service standards for mailing biological samples.
Part Number: LTN-44986
Price: $17-00

Evidence Labels & Seals

Lightning Evidence Labels
These 60mm x 60mm adhesive labels are printed black ink on matte white stock. Peel the backing from the label and affix to almost any surface. They are excellent for use with any plain plastic bags, check sleeves, unprinted paper bags or boxes. You can even place these labels directly on evidence, such as tires, bicycles, or the undersides of stereos or televisions. Packs of 100 labels.
Part Number: LTN-31000
Price: $44-00
Lightning Chain Of Custody Labels
It is necessary to keep a record of the chain of possession on all pieces of evidence if they are moved from your department to the crime lab or to court. All of these movements must be documented for court purposes. These adhesive Chain of Possession Labels placed on the evidence bag or box are an easy way to show that record. These 100mm x 145mm adhesive labels are printed black ink on matte white stock. Packs of 100.
Part Number: LTN-31001
Price: $44-00
These labels are 70mm x 45mm and feature a pre-scored backing for easy removal. Labels have a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Red lettering is printed on white label. Roll of 100 labels.
Part Number: SIR-EIL01
Price: $33-00
This standard format "evidence" label has red lettering printed on white tape. Label size: 38mm x 76mm. Quantity/roll: 100 each with dispenser box.
Part Number: SIR-EIL01R
Price: $33-00
These labels are the perfect choice for the permanent marking of evidence. They are printed on tough, tamperproof stock-defying removal from about any surface. They are a must for marking individual articles as well as packages and containers. Dimensions: 90mm x 150mm.
Part Number: SIR-COCL100
Price: $25-30
TriTech Tamper Proof Tape
Our Write-On Sawtooth® Evidence Tape has a white write-on strip on which a description of the sealed evidence can be written using a pen or permanent marker. The tape is 32mm wide and comes on a 30m roll in a dispenser box.
Part Number: TTI-ST-E(R&W)
Price: $35-00
VAST Special Products also offers a wide range of safety and integrity seals and labels from Sirchie Labs, Lightning Powder Products and TriTech. Below are a few samples. Contact our office for further details and prices.

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