Evidence Storage

Integrity Evidence Bags

Sirchie Integrity Evidence Bags
The manner in which evidence is stored and protected can often mean the difference between conviction and acquittal. With this in mind, SIRCHIE® introduces the integrity evidence bag. These all-in-one bags are waterproof, tear- and puncture-resistant, printable and include a tamperproof seal. No other evidence bag offers greater integrity, security and convenience. Made of heavy-duty, 3.2-mil-thick, multilayer, coextruded polyolefin film. Box of 100.
Part Number: SIR-IEB1200 (12" x 15.5")
Price: $165-00
Part Number: SIR-IEB1550 (5.5" x 15.5")
Price: $99-00

Part Number: SIR-IEB4000 (4" x 7.5")
Price: $77-00
Part Number: SIR-IEB7500 (7.5" x 10.5")
Price: $88-00
Lightning Evidence Security Bags
"Protecting the evidence" means more than just making sure no one steps on it at the crime scene. It means packaging it properly so it is not lost, damaged, contaminated or spoiled. The proper type of material must be used in packaging the evidence, and the chain-of-custody must not be broken at any time. It is a travesty to work so hard on an investigation only to have the charges dismissed because of poor evidence handling or questioned chain-of-custody.
Each of our new Evidence Security Bags has tamper-evident designs on it to indicate if the evidence is still secure. These bags are leak-proof and are made of .4 mil thick, tear-and-puncture-resistant plastic. The adhesive closure is extremely strong and there are printed lines on top of the blue band. If anyone tried tofeatopen the bag by pulling on the glue band, the lines will distort. There are curly border lines all around the other three sides. If someone cuts one of these sides and tries to heat seal it again, the curly border lines will show tampering by being shortened or distorted.
Each bag has a chain-of-custody/evidence label printed on it in blue lines on a white background. By being printed directly on the bag, there is no need for a stapled-on tag which may fall off or be torn off. It is easy to write on the bag with a ball-point pen. Most of the front panel is covered with the white label to provide plenty of writing space, but you can still see the evidence clearly through the back of the bag.
The tear-off edge of the bag and the bag itself have matching serialized control numbers. The top edge is removed by the person sealing the bag and kept as a "receipt." Your agency might want to initiate a policy whereby the person booking evidence turns in the receipt, stapled to a report form indicating the circumstances involving the collection of the evidence. The serialized control numbers can be checked and confirmed at any time to help prove the integrity of the evidence.
Part Number: LTN-32050 (5"x 8")
Price: $71-85
Part Number: LTN-32051 (9" x 12")
Price: $107-84
Part Number: LTN-32052 (12" x 15")
Price: $143-84

Paper Bags

Lightning Paper Evidence Bags

The paper industry classifies these bags as Super Heavy Duty since they do not easily tear as some recycled bags do. They are available in quantities of 100 or in more economical bundles. The evidence label printed on the bag cannot fall or be torn off. All styles are in bundles of 100.
Style 4 bag is about half the size of a regular lunch bag. It is the perfect size for storing items such as wallets, doorknobs with toolmarks or baggies of marijuana. It is 5 1/8" x 3 1/4" x 9 9/16".
Style 12 bag is the next size larger. It is slightly bigger than a lunch bag. Small purses, single items of clothing, or jewelry boxes would Fit. This bag measures 7 1/8" x 4 1/2" x 13 5/8".
Style 25 bag is the next larger size. It is a good size for holding a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, or a medium-size radio. This bag is 8 1/8" x 6" x 15 3/4".
Style 86 bag is the largest size we carry, and it is similar in size and shape to a grocery bag. Use it for clothes, bedding, or a six-pack of beer. This bag is 12" x 7" x 17".
Part Number: LTN-30021 (Style 4)
Price: $46-20
Part Number: LTN-30022 (Style 12)
Price: $55-00
Part Number: LTN-30023 (Style 25)
Price: $59-40
Part Number: LTN-30024 (Style 86)
Price: $66-00
Sirchie Preprinted Evidence Bags
These brown Kraft evidence bags are pre-printed with all the necessary chain of possession and identification data. They are durable, breathable and available in four sizes for a variety of evidence packaging. Use SIRCHIE®'s evidence integrity tapes to properly seal the bags. Supplied in bundles of 100.
Part Number: SIR-EB000P (5" x 3 1/8" x 9 7/8")
Price: $48-40
Part Number: SIR-EB001P (7" x 4 /12" x 13 3/4")
Price: $58-00
Part Number: SIR-EB002P (8" x 5" x 18")
Price: $59-40
Part Number: SIR-EB003P (12" x7" x 18")
Price: $66-00
Sirchie Paper Evidence Bags
Made from 2-ply, 70-pound gusseted Kraft paper and sewn on one end with the exception of EB004 (which is not sewn). Use the jumbo Kraft evidence bags for storing large items, such as blankets and garments, that won't fit into conventional bags. Use SIRCHIE®'s evidence labels ET6 or EIL05R for identifying contents.
Part Number: SIR-EB004 (16" x 12" x 35" Pack 50)
Price: $99-00
Part Number: SIR-EB005 (5" x 3" x 67" Pack 50)
Price: $170-50
Part Number: SIR-EB006 (11" x 7" x 48" Pack 50)
Price: $154-00
Part Number: SIR-EB007 (23" x 30" w/7" expansion Pack 15)
Price: $44-00
Part Number: SRI-EB008 (23" x 44" w/7" expansion Pack 15)
Price: $66-00
Part Number: SIR-EB009 (19" x 50" w/16" expansion Pack 8)
Price: $55-00

Evidence Boxes

Some types of evidence require storage other than plastic bags. Try SIRCHIE®'s evidence collection boxes. The boxes are made of 200-pound corrugated cardboard with a brown interior and white exterior. They provide for excellent storage on shelves in any storage room. On the bottom panel of these boxes are holes for securing evidence using SIRCHIE®'s No. ET100 evidence ties. Boxes are printed on the top-ready for evidence and chain of custody information. Pack of 25.
Part Number: SIR-ECB001
Price: $88-00
These evidence boxes are custom sized for storing items such as pistols and handguns, knives and rifles. Boxes are pre-printed on the outside for recording necessary chain of custody and identification information. Holes located in the bottom panel of the box are used to fasten the weapon in place with SIRCHIE®'s No. ET100 releasable evidence ties. Pack of 25.

Part Number: SIR-ECB001G
Price: $88-00
These evidence boxes are custom sized for storing items such as pistols and handguns, knives and rifles. Boxes are pre-printed on the outside for recording necessary chain of custody and identification information. Holes located in the bottom panel of the box are used to fasten the weapon in place with SIRCHIE®'s No. ET100 releasable evidence ties. Pack of 25.
Part Number: SIR-ECB001K
Price: $70-00
These evidence boxes are custom sized for storing items such as pistols and handguns, knives and rifles. Boxes are pre-printed on the outside for recording necessary chain of custody and identification information. Holes located in the bottom panel of the box are used to fasten the weapon in place with SIRCHIE®'s No. ET100 releasable evidence ties. Pack of 25.
Part Number: SIR-ERB004
Price: $132-00
Hold evidence in place when using SIRCHIE®'s evidence boxes ECB001, ECB001G, ECB001K or ERB004. Holes in the bottom panels of the boxes allow the releasable ties to wrap around and secure evidence in place-hooking ties together for larger pieces of evidence. Reuse the ties by pressing release tab. Pack of 100.
Part Number: SIR-ET100
Price: $45-00
Sirchie Evidence Collection Box
These evidence boxes are made of sturdy Kraft corrugated cardboard. They are pre-printed on one side for evidence and chain of custody information.
Part Number: SIR-ECB004 (265x162x115mm Pack 40)
Price: $69-30
Part Number SIR-ECB005 (350x272x133mm Pack 25)
Price: $66-00
Part Number: SIR-ECB006 (375x292x315mm Pack 20)
Price: $69-30
Part Number: SIR-ECB007 (467x367x375mm Pack 10)
Price: $66-00

Lightning Knife Evidence Boxes Some evidence doesn't belong in plastic bags. Either the plastic will not provide protection to the handler of the evidence or the plastic will cause damage to the evidence. For metal evidence or sharp evidence, we suggest using cardboard boxes. Complete with pre-printed evidence forms, our evidence boxes are 200 pounds per square inch burst strength stock with tuck-in sides for strength and security.
Knives can cause difficulties if not packaged in hard-sided containers. These boxes stack neatly and safely on a shelf to protect personnel in the Property Room. For transportation to the lab or to court, boxes protect everyone involved. The reusable nylon ties below can be used to secure the knife by wrapping the ties around it and through the holes in the box. Because the ties are reusable, the knife can be easily removed for latent print processing or other laboratory tests. Then, using the same ties, secure it back in the same box. Available in pack of 25.
Part Number: LTN-33005
Price: $100-00
Lightning Handgun Evidence Boxes Handgun boxes are about the size of a book (inside dimensions are 12 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 2"). If a shelf is available in the Property Room, place the guns on end in their boxes like books on a shelf. Write the case number or other identifying data on the "spine" of the box for easy retrieval. Chain-of-evidence labels are printed on the top of each box. Arrows on the box indicate the direction of the muzzle. There are no pictures or drawing of guns on them. There are small holes in the bottom of the box which can be used to fasten the gun in place, using our nylon ties (shown below). Of course, never, NEVER, NEVER store a gun in a plastic bag. Available in packs of 25.
Part Number: LTN-33010
Price: $81-40
Lightning Rifle Evidence Boxes Instead of standing rifles in a corner where they rub against each other and fall out when you're looking for one, store rifles in boxes. Write your case numbers on the side of the box for easy retrieval, instead of fumbling through tangled evidence tags tied through the trigger guard. Arrows are printed on the box to indicate the direction of the muzzle. There are holes in the box to fasten the gun with the reusable nylon ties below. Chain-of-custody labels are printed on the box. Inside dimensions are 51" x 9" x 3". Available in packs of 25.
Part Number: LTN-33012
Price: $150-00
Lightning Reuseable Nylon Tie-downs. For use with the knife, handgun and rifle boxes, these nylon tie downs insert through the holes in the bottom of the boxes and wrap around the evidence to keep it from shifting around inside the box. These 10 1/2" ties can be reused simply by pressing the releasing tab. If a large piece of evidence (e.g., rifle with scope) must be held in place, simply put two ties together. These tie-downs feature a releasable end, allowing them to be reused over and over again. They are ideal for securing evidence or even just securing items inside a crime scene kit or vehicle. Available in Packs of 100.
Part Number: LTN-NTR-1
Price: $44-00

Evidence Tubes

Sirchie Evidence Collection Tube
In today's society, exposure to AIDS (HIV), Hepatitis B and other blood-borne diseases is a deadly serious problem. Use SIRCHIE®'s clear plastic evidence collection tubes to protect evidence collection personnel. Available in two sizes for your convenience. The ECT1 tube utilizes an ethafoam stopper for immobilization of sharp objects such as syringes and are 8" in length, 1 5/16" in diameter with a 0.030" wall thickness. The ETC3 tube is perfect for holding larger types of evidence such as knives and multiple syringes. The ETC3 has two end caps and an ethafoam insert for protecting sharp ends. Tube is 3" in diameter, 12" in length and has a 0.035" wall thickness. Use SIRCHIE®'s No. BIO400 biohazard strips to properly seal and mark tubes.
Part Number: SIR-ECT1 (Left)
Price: $39-60 Pack 12
Part Number: SIR-ECT3 (Right)
Price: $55-00 Pack 8
Sirchie Syringe Transport Tube, 1" x 8"/12
These tubes are well-marked with bright orange international biohazard markings. One end of the tube contains a sealing material that will immobilize the syringe and prevent needle leakage. Two labels are included inside the tube for evidence identification. The tube is 1" square, 8" in length and has a 0.032" wall thickness. The square construction allows for improved storage and handling. No more rolling around!
Part Number: SIR-ECT2
Price: $48-40 Pack 12
Sirchie Twist Tubes
These new twist tubes are made of transparent polypropylene and feature a telescopic length extension, a twist-lock mechanism to retain extended position and a hexagon end to prevent rolling. The reusable tubes are rigid, durable, humidity and oil-resistant. Available in three sizes.
Part Number: SIR-ECT4 (4 3/4" to 7 7/8" x 1.26" Dia)
Price: $30-00 Pack 12
Part Number: SRI-ECT5 (7 7/8" to 13 3/4" x 2.04" Dia)
Price: $60-00 Pack 12
Part Number: SIR-ECt6 (13 3/4" to 24 3/8" x 2.55" Dia)
Price: $99-00 Pack 12
Lightning/ODV Syringe Keeper
This heavy plastic syringe container is our biggest seller and features a bayonet locking system that secures evidence and prevents accidental spillage. Tubes are pre-labeled with an information sticker and bio-hazard warning. Each tube is poly-bagged to eliminate contamination prior to use. Tubes will hold syringes up to 7 3/5" long. Tubes are sold in packages of 12.
Part Number:ODV-P1000
Price: $52-80
Lightning Adjustable Evidence Tubes
These clear PVC extendible tubes safely store evidence and the twist-lock action holds contents securely in place. Each tube has a hexagon end to prevent rolling.
  • available in two sizes
  • durable and reusable
  • oil and moisture resistant
Part Number: LTN-33876 (7" to 13")
Price: $7-00 each
Part Number: LTN-33877 (13" to 24")
Price: $25-70 each

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