Tactical Slings

Blackhawk Weapon Slings

BlackHawk Universal Tactical Sling (1.25 ) Black
This is the "original" M-16 style 1 1/4" tactical sling. Made of nylon webbing and super heavy duty plastic hardware. One size fits all and is fully adjustable.
Part Number: BHI-70UT00BK
Price: $12-00
BlackHawk MP-5 Sling
Blackhawk's high quality solution to carrying the MP-5 sub machine gun and similar weapons. This is simple but effective for close quarters situations. Made with the popular 1 1/4" webbing which is extremely durable and soft to avoid neck chafing.
Part Number: BHI-70GS08BK
Price: $77-00
BlackHawk Snap Shoot Assault Sling Black
This Snap-Shoot Sling is made of 1 1/2" webbing and heavy duty elastic. All harware is black. The unique elastic attachment keeps your weapon ready at position.
Part Number: BHI-70AS00BK
Price: $39-60
S.W.I.F.T. Slings for M4's, M16's & AR-15's
The SWIFT Sling is silent, safe and highly efficient in a classic 3-point design. Made from a special 1 1/2" heavy yet soft webbing. fully adjustable for many different uses. Can be slung muzzle up, muzzle down, strong side, support side, behind or below. The sling also has special buckles which allow quick adjustment for wear overbody armour and vests. Available in left and right handed with colours of black or tan.
Part Number: BHI-70GS00BK (Black, M16)
Price: $60-00
Part Number: BHI-70GS01BK (Black, M-16 fixed stock)
Price: $69-70
Part Number: BHI-70GS04BK (Black, M4)
Price: $60-00
BlackHawk CQD Sling Black w/ Sling Cover
The Dieter CQD Sling is made with Blackhawk's 1/14" T-13 webbing. It is wider and soft than normal webbing and works great with buckles. There is no chafing or scraping and it's easily adjusted for all operators. The sling was designed by Duane Dieter, exclusive trainer to the NSWC-SEAL Teams. It is designed for maximum effciencyin all situations. Extra heavy duty elastic assists with strikes and point shooting as well as quick adjustment in difficult situations. The metal snap hooks attach to most weapon system brackets or attachment buckles.
Part Number: BHI-71CQS1BK
Price: $77-00
Universal Slung Weapon Holder (Belt Slung)
This is a belt attached (using the BTS attachment system) slung weapon holder. the flap is secured with hook and loop and is fully adjustable for any size weapon. Works great for slung rifles, manual entry tools, etc, when running, swimming, rappelling and/or fast-roping. this gives an operator quick access after hitting the ground and prevents dangerous swigning of a firearm during extreme movement. Also fits on all Blackhawk Omega vests for secondary utility tools.
Part Number: BHI-71WH00BK
Price: $30-00

Tactical Pistol Lanyard

BlackHawk Tactical Pistol Lanyard Coiled Black
Made of coiled telephone type wire with a black rubber exterior laminate. Modular attachment to your belt with Blackhawk BTS loop and attaches to your weapon with gutted 550 cord. Allows full extension shooting.
Part Number: BHI-90TPL1
Price: $40-00
BlackHawk Tactical Pistol Lanyard/Swivel-Quick Release
The Blackhawk QRPL features a steamlined modified BTS modular belt loop attachment system. It has dual swivels both at the top and the bottom. It comes complete as a kit and includes a snap hook and attachment mini ring for your pistol. Now if you need to remove your weapon and place it in a safe area you can do so quickly and easily. The micro coil lanyard is covered with heavy duty rubber and will recoil time and time again. Can be used for anything requiring a lanyard such as cameras, pagers, flashlights, pistols, compasses, etc
Part Number: BHI-90TPL2
Price: $44-95
Part Number: BHI-90TPL3 (Dual swivels)
Price: $55-00

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