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Surefire Rechargeable Flashlights


Surefires Advanced Rechargeable Flashlights have a host of features. Each of the 8 and 9 series flashlights come complete with two Ni-Cad recahrgeable batteries, proprietary Rapid Smartchargers and the ability for the charging cradle to be connected to either AC or DC power.

Both 8 series flashlights are 110 lumen output Xenon lamps with a 50 minute contiuous runtime. Tail cap mounted momentary switches are standard. The 8NX Commander is constructed of Nitrolon while the 8AX Commander is aerospace grade aluminium which features Type 3 Mil. Spec. hard anodising for a green finish. Like all Surefire flashlights a variety of accessories are available.

Part Number: LAS-8NX (Below left)
Price: $280-00

Part Number: LAS-8AX (Below right)
Price: $390-00



The 9AN Commander rechargeable flashlight has all of the same components as the 8 series flashlights but has the added advantage of being fitted with dual lamp assemblies. This offers the option of 20 lumens output for 2 hours continuous or 140 lumens output for 40 minutes. Constructed of aerospace grade aluminium it is Type 3 Mil. Spec. hard anodised to give a green finish. A variety of filters and pouches are available.

Part Number: LAS-9AN
Price: $525-00



The ultimate in rechargeable flashlights is the Surefire 10X Dominator. Featuring an ultra high output 500 lumen main lamp assembly which will operate for 20 minutes, the head also incorporates a 60 lumen secondary lamp assembly good for up to 3 hours on a full charged battery. The Ni-Cad battery stick is the handle of the flashlight and can be removed from the head for seperate recharging should you purchase a second battery stick. The charging head is capable of both AC and DC adaption.

Part Number: LAS-10X
Price: $880-00



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