Monadnock Baton Carriers

Monadnock Polycarbonate swivel baton carriers are the state of the art baton carrier available on the market today. They feature a 360 degree swivel capability with 8 locking positions or 45 degree forward or backward adjustable swivel. The baton is secured with internal spring pressure in both the open and closed position.

When ordering please stipulate the baton model and length to ensure you are provided with the most appropriate carrier for your baton.
Part Number: MLP-FDH/(type)
Prices: $57.00

Monadnock MX Positive Lock Baton

The MX series of batons offers the advantages of a positive lock mechanism and also the reduced length of a standard one piece baton. The baton can be deployed covertly by simply pulling the long end into position thus reducing the need to flick the baton open. It will also open in the standard way if required. The nylon & alloy construction makes this an excellent & dependable choice in baton.

Part Number: MLP-MX18 Price: $123

Part Number: MLP-MX21 Price: $132

Part Number: MLP-MX24 Price: $138

Available to approved persons and organisations only.

Monadnock One Piece Batons

Polycarbonate Straight Batons
The PLP light baton available in 18, 24, 26 and 36 inch models with a foam grip and is 1" in diameter. A baton stop is available for the PLP to enable it to be carried in a baton ring as a patrol baton.
The MP is a 1.25" diameter baton with a knurled grip. Available in similar lengths to the PLP, the MP can be fitted with an LAPD stop for caariage in a baton ring as a patrol baton.
Part Number: MLP-PLP(size)
Riot Control Straight Batons
The Grenade Grip baton is available in lengths of 24 and 26 inch and is the baton of choice with most correctional riot control teams. As the name suggests the grip of the baton is formed in such a way that it is sectioned like on old pineapple type hand grenade offering superior grip but also the availability to use either end of the baton as a strike surface.
Part Number: MLP-GG(size)
In all, Monadnock produces over 210 different types of Police & Riot batons. They vary from 16" to 36" in length and from 3/4" to 1.5" diameter.
Availability restricted to approved persons and organisations only.

Autolock Batons

First came the expandable baton, then positive lock - now there is the Autolock. It is perhaps the finest baton made today, combining the advantages of the expandable baton with the locking and collapse advantages of the positive lock baton. The revolutionary ball bearing locking system and push button release is located in the end cap.

The revolutionary ball bearing design insures that the baton will always remain locked open when you need it. A simple push of the button will allow the baton to conveniently slide back into the handle without having to bend over and drive it into the ground to collapse it. The Autolock's strength comes from its 4130 seamless alloy steel tubing.
Available in 21" with safety and power safety tip or 26" with power safety tip.
Part Number: MLP-AL21
Price: $209-00
Part Number: MLP-AL22PST
Price: $242-00
Part Number: MLP-AL26PST
Price: $248
Available to approved persons and organisations only.

Officer Series Expandable Batons

Our officer series batons are the standard by which all conventional expandable batons are judged. These batons come in either the standard steel tip or with the rubber coated safety tip. Steel tips models are also available in Chrome or Nickel finish, price available on request.

Part Number: MLP-OS21
Price: $132.00
Part Number: MLP-OS26
Price: $165.00
Available to approved persons and organisations only.

Autolock Junior

The Autolock Junior is the latest in the Monadnock range of batons. It opens to a length of 10" and comes with the Power Safety Tip. It features the revolutionary ball bearing action of the other Autolock batons but is in effect the size of a Kubaton when closed. Ideal for someone who requires concealability with effective striking power. Can be used in the closed or open mode to carry out Kubaton techniques.

Available in grooved or knurled grips.
Part Number: MLP-AL/JRG
Price: $121-00
Available to approved persons and organisations only.

Hindi End Caps

The Hindi End Cap is the incorporation of the PR24 Trumble Stop into the expandable baton. It prevents the hand slipping from the baton during a strike and allows more energy to be focused into the strike itself rather than in attempting to hold onto the baton. The Hindi End Cap aids in baton retention by giving you a mechanical advantage over someone who grabs the end of your baton. It makes closing the baton easier, and acts as a counterweight when striking - therefore increasing your power. It also prevents the baton from rolling out of arms reach if dropped and assists in picking the baton up by raising it from the ground slightly.
The Hindi End cap is available for all Monadnock and Casco friction lock batons, Monadnock Autolock batons and ASP friction lock batons.
Part Numbers:
Price: $55.00
Part Number: MLP-HEC/MX
Price: $55.00
Part Number: MLP-HEC/AL21-22
Price: $66.00
Part Number: MLP-HEC/AL26
Price: $66.00
Part Number: MLP-HEC/ASP
Price: $55.00

PR24 Side Handle Batons

Monadnock PR24 Side-Handle Batons
The PR24 is the baton that made Monadnock a household name. Available in one piece or expandable polycarbonate or aluminium, the PR24 is the best control device of its kind in the world.
For more information on the variations of the PR24 that are available along with pricing contact our office.

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