Fingerprint Powders & Brushes

Sirchie Latent Print Powders

Sirchie "Hi-Fi" Powder, 2 oz. (59ml); Net Wt. 21gm
Description: SIRCHIE®'s "HI-FI" volcano latent print powders offer the best sensitivity, adherence qualities and reproduction capabilities of any powders available. Use them to produce excellent results. All SIRCHIE® latent fingerprint powders are packaged with desiccant capsules for storing extended periods (over 12 months) without moisture contamination.
Part Number: SIR-101L (Silk Black), SIR-102L (Silk Gray), SIR-103L (Indestructable White), SIR-104L (Brilliant Red), SIR-105L (Silver Metallic), SIR-106L (Gold Metallic) and SIR-107L (Copper Metallic).
Price: $16-50
Heavy Latent Print Powder, 2 oz. (59ml); Net Wt. 46gm
Description: "SIRCHIE®'s "HEAVY" volcano latent print powder is unique because it features density characteristics not found in normal powders, yet maintains the same sensitivity criteria. This powder is formulated especially for assignments requiring a less mobile latent print powder.
Part Number: SIR-HLP01 (Black) and SIR-HLP02 (Gray)
Price: $22-00
"Hi-Fi" Dual Purpose Powder, 2 oz. (59ml); Net Wt. 40gm
Description: SIRCHIE®'s "HI-FI" Dual Purpose Latent Print Powders are excellent when used with or without an ultraviolet light. Developed prints emit a green glow when exposed to ultraviolet light in subdued light-regardless of the background color.
Paart Number: SIR-DP001 (Black) and SIR-DP002 (White)
Price: $27-50
Silver/Black, 2 oz. (59ml); Net Wt. 21gm
Description: SIRCHIE®'s "HI-FI" silver/black latent print powder is a two-color powder that will contrast with any color surface. This unique formulation will develop black on light-colored surfaces and silver on dark-colored surfaces. All lifted prints dusted with this powder may be mounted on white backing cards for contrast. Contents: 2 oz. (59 ml).
Part Number: SIR-SB201L
Price: $27-75
Silver/Gray, 2 oz. (59ml); Net Wt. 37gm
Description: "This powder combines the "STICK" characteristics of silver metallic powder and the "SLIP" characteristics of silk gray powders. Use it on all glass, plastic laminates, metallic surfaces, high-gloss enamel or varnish surfaces, hard rubber, thermoset plastics and blue-steel weapons. Contents: 2 oz. (59 ml).
Part Number: SIR-SG202L
Price: $22-00
Silver/Red, 2 oz. (59ml); Net Wt. 29gm
Description: This two-color powder offers unique contrast capabilities with any color surface. It develops bright red on light-colored surfaces and silver on dark-colored surfaces. Use it on metal surfaces such as safes and filing cabinets. This powder also features the unique attributes of both metallic and oxide powders. Contents: 2 oz. (59 ml).
Part Number: SIR-SR301L
Price: $22-00
Coin Box/Galvanic, 2 oz. (59ml); Net Wt. 55gm
Description: "SIRCHIE®'s "HI-FI" coin box/galvanic latent print powder is specially formulated to develop latent prints on oily vending machine coin boxes or galvanized surfaces such as window and door flushings, drain pipes, gutters and trash cans. Use this powder in place of older print development methods, such as smoking prints with camphor or magnesium, which are timeconsuming, difficult and hazardous. Contents: 2 oz. (59 ml).
Part Number: SIR-CBG203L
Price: $27-50

Magnetic Latent Print Powders

Sirchie Magnetic Latent Powder, 1 oz. (30ml); Net Wt. 81gm
Description: SIRCHIE®'s magnetic latent print powders feature superior ferrous compounds thanks to a unique ballmilling process which ensures uniform, textured powders-every time. These powders are the finest available. Use on any nonferrous surface and with any of our magnetic applicators.
Part Number:
SIR-M114L Regular Black
SIR-M115L Midnight Black
SIR-116L White
SIR-M117L Grey
SIR-M118L Red
Price: $18-00
Part Number: SIR-M119L Silver
Price: $19-50
MAGNUCLEI™ Magnetic Powder, 1 oz. (30ml); Net Wt. 96 gm
Description: MAGNUCLEI™ Magnetic Latent Print Powder is the result of years of research and development. SIRCHIE®'s regular magnetic powders are already the best available, but there was a need for a dual purpose powder for finer dusting applications. MAGNUCLEI™ utilizes powders that have been milled to average particle sizes that are less than half the size of regular magnetic powders. This powder is very effective on glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, and metallic surfaces - use on paper surfaces without leaving dark backgrounds. It works well on imitation and genuine leather if developed within a short time of being handled. (Application of MAGNUCLEI™ does not interfere with ninhydrin, DFO, or other chemical treatments.)
Part Number: SIR-MAG100
Price: $24-00

Lightning Magnetic Powder

Magnetic latent print powders are similar in appearance to standard powders, but they contain iron so that they will adhere to a magnet. When a magnetic powder applicator is dipped into the jar of magnetic powder, the powder gathers around the magnetic end of the applicator and it becomes a "brush."
When dusting is complete, hold the applicator over the jar, and a short pull on the top end will lift the magnet, allowing the powder to drop back into the jar. For this reason, very little powder is wasted. The new wide-mouth jar of magnetic powder will accept the large ball of powder held on the tip of the magnetic applicator.
Applied with a magnetic applicator, magnetic powder is recommended for use in dusting glossy papers (such as magazine covers), tissue paper, rough or polished wood, leather, plastics, glass, and rubber. It works exceptionally well on plastic baggies after they have been treated with glue fumes. Black magnetic powder is packaged in wide-mouth jars (30 cc in 90 cc jars and 480 cc in 480 cc jars).
Part Number and Price:
LTN-10160 Black 1oz $25-30
LTN-10161 White 1oz $20-00
LTN-10164 Silver/Grey 1oz $23-00
LTN-10165 Bi-Chromatic 1oz $23-00
LTN-10170 Black 16oz $120-00
LTN-10171 White 16oz $120-00
LTN-10174 Silver/Grey 16oz $123-00
LTN-10175 Bi-Chromatic 16oz $123-00

Fluorescent Latent Print Powders

Lightning Fluorescent Powder

Redwop™, Greenwop™, Pinkwop™and Yellowwop™fluorescent powders have a Lycopodium base and were developed specifically to be luminescence-excited by relatively monochromatic light sources emitting blue-green light. They all work very well with argon ion, copper vapor and Nd:YAG lasers, and they can also be used successfully with simple ultraviolet lamps. It is recommended that a feather duster be used to apply these powders. The feather duster applies the powder in a thinner, more controlled layer than other types of applicators.
The special cohesive-buffer effect of the Lycopodium carrier tends to "flow" the powder over the hills and valleys of the textured surfaces that would otherwise be "painted" with conventional powders. Each color of powder fluoresces at slightly different wavelengths to provide two options when dealing with problem background florescence.
Having the widest range of sensitivity, Redwop™ fluorescent powder is recommended as a primary use fluorescent powder for examination of latent prints with portable lasers, Forensic Light Sources and ultraviolet light sources.
Part Number:
2oz, 16oz, 128oz
Redwop LTN-10050, LTN-10052, LTN-10054
Greenwop LTN-10056, LTN-10057, LTN-10058
Pinkwop LTN-10072, LTN-10073, LTN-10074
Yellowop LTN-10086, LTN-10087, LTN-10055
Prices: $25-00, $95-00, $696-00
SIRCHIE REDescent™, PINKescent™, GREENescent™, SILVER/REDescent™ and YELLOWescent™.
Description: Fluorescent Latent Print Powders may be used on the same surface types as non-fluorescent powders. Fluorescent latent print powders work especially well on dark or multicolored surfaces-greatly enhancing ridge details when illuminated with an ultraviolet light. Typically, light in the ultraviolet or blue parts of the spectrum (254nm to 525nm) is used to excite the fluorescence."
Part Number: 2oz Jar Price:$23-50
REDescent SIR-LL701
PINKescent SIR-LL702
GREENescent SIR-LL703
YELLOWescent SIR-LL705
For 16oz Jar add 2 to the end of the part number.
Price: 16oz Jar $99-00
2oz Price: $36-00 16oz Price: $154-00

Fluorescent Magnetic Powders

SIRCHIE REDCHARGE™, ORANGECHARGE™, GREENCHARGE™ and YELLOWCHARGE™Fluorescent Magnetic Powder, 1 oz.; Net Wt. 61gm
Description: SIRCHIE®'s Fluorescen Magnetic Latent Print Powders feature bright pigments, superior ferrous compounds and an antismudge additive to ensure superior results when dusting for latent prints. These powders are especially useful when used on multicolored backgrounds. They can be applied with virtually all magnetic powder applicators. View dusting area with an ultraviolet blue or green forensic light source (254nm to 365nm) to see results.
Part Number: 1oz Jar
REDcharge SIR-LL601
ORANGEcharge SIR-LL602
GREENcharge SIR-LL603
YELLOWcharge SIR-LL605
Price: $21-89
Add 2 to part number for 16oz jars. Price: $120-00
Silver/Gray FLUOROMAG™ Latent Print Powder, 2 oz.; Net Wt. 180gm
Description: This powder combines the "nocontact" advantage of magnetic powder with a highly fluorescent compound for use on multicolored backgrounds. The natural color is silver/gray, however, it appears bright yellow/green when illuminated with an ultraviolet light. Volume: 2 oz.
Part Number: SIR-FMP01
Price: $43-00

Lightning Blitz-Red™and Blitz-Green™ Magnetic Fluorescent Powder

When should Blitz™ fluorescent magnetic powders be used? The choice is dependent on the surfaces which need to be dusted. Surfaces such as plastic bags or shiny magazine covers first should be fumed with Hard Evidence™ pouches or Hard Evidence™ Liquid Glue and then dusted with Blitz™ fluorescent magnetic powder.
Other smooth surfaces, like vehicles and glass, can be fumed first and then dusted with Redwop™ fluorescent powder. If fuming is not practical, dusting with Redwop™ fluorescent powder alone may yield results with a forensic light.
Similar to Redwop™ powder, our Blitz-Red™ magnetic fluorescent powder fluoresces strongly when viewed under 450 nm, 485 nm, 525 nm, 530 nm and 570 nm wavelengths of light. It is applied just as any magnetic powder is dusted, using a magnetic applicator. Try using the 570 nm setting on your Forensic Light Source and view the print using red goggles.
Part Number: 1oz, 16oz, 128oz
Blitz-Red LTN-10061, LTN-10062, LTN-10068
Blitz-Green LTN-10063, LTN-10064, LTN-10069
Price: $22-00, $120-00, $900-00

Black Ruby Fluorescent/Black, Powder

Gem™ powders are our newest magnetic fluorescent powders. Black Ruby™ and Black Emerald™ appear to be simple black magnetic powders. They are applied to evidence and can be lifted just as regular black magnetic powders are. However, these Gem™ powders also fluoresce just as our Redwop™ and Greenwop™ powders do. You have the choice of using these Gem™ powders as regular black magnetic powders, but you also have the option of fluorescing them.
Having the same wide rage of sensitivity as Redwop™ fluorescent powder, Black Ruby™ is an excellent primary-use magnetic powder for examination of latent prints using portable lasers, Forensic Light Sources and ultraviolet light sources. Because of it's nature Black Ruby™ Magnetic Powder is excellent as either a standard black dusting powder or a fluorescent latent print powder. It can be lifted just like any standard latent print powder, but when the surface is too rough to lift the print, simply use your Forensic Light Source or laser to flouresce the powder, and photograph it. Black Ruby™ magnetic powder is very sensitive to 570-590 nm wavelength light when viewed through a red filter. Black Emerald™ Magnetic Powder is especially sensitive to long wavelength ultraviolet light, about 365 nm with no viewing filter necessary.
Part Number: 1oz, 16oz
Black Ruby LTN-10190, LTN-10191
Black Emerald LTN-10192, LTN-10193
Price: $15-00, $123-00

Camel & Squirrel Hair Brushes

Regular Camelhair BrushOur Regular Camelhair Brush (shown far left) is the most economical. Many instructors on a budget prefer this one for their classroom situations. It is small and convenient to use in tight areas or as a "clean up" brush for larger areas. The overall length is approximately 6" with a bristle length of 1 1/4".
Deluxe Camelhair Brush
This brush (shown second from left) has a longer handle and longer bristles than the regular brush. The longer bristles means that it will hold more powder for fewer trips to the jar to add more powder. The longer handle offers a better gripping surface. The overall length is approximately 7" with a bristle length of 1 7/8".
Maximum-coverage Camelhair Brush
This brush (shown third from left) is recommended for use on large areas. The bristles are longer than the bristles on the brushes described above. The brush head is also wider than the other brushes shown. This makes dusting a larger area quicker. The overall length is about 6", with a bristle length of 2" and base width of 9/16".
Long-handle Camelhair Brush
Many technicians prefer the balance and "feel" of this long-handle brush (shown far right) with its approximate 9 1/2" overall length and 2" bristles. This brush has the longest handle of all, yet has a good balance so anyone can hold it and use it effectively and comfortably.
Part Number: LTN-10025 Regular Camel Hair
Part Number: LTN-10027 Deluxe Camel Hair
Part Number: LTN-10028 Maximum Coverage
Part Number: LTN-10029 Long Handle

Description: This general purpose brush is made of high-quality camel hair. The fine quality of the bristles permit dusting of target objects with a very fine coat of either fluorescent invisible or visible detection powder. The brush comes with a protective container and cap. Bristle length: 1 1/2". Overall length: 5 1/4".
Part Number: SIR-118L
Price: $10-00

Description: "This is the finest, high-quality, long handle latent print brush available. It is produced from selected, high-quality camel hair for latent powder applications only. The fine hair selection eliminates scratching ridge details. The handle is balanced for easy use. The LHB02 brush (pictured right margin) is supplied with a protective container and cap. The brush dimensions are9" x 1/2" dia. (22.9cm x 1.3cm dia.).
Part Number: SIR-LHB02
Price: $30-60

Squirrelhair Dusting Brushes

Blue Squirrel No. 8 Latent Print Brush
This long-handled brush (shown right) uses only a select grade of fine squirrel hairs. The longer handle allows for better control and the rounded crown provides a more delicate touch. This brush has more hair and a wider head than the Continental squirrelhair brush. The brush is approximately 8 11/16" long with 1 1/2" long bristles.
Continental Squirrelhair Brush
Having softer and rounded bristles, this brush (shown left) differs from our other squirrel hair brushes. This crowned brush contains the softest squirrel hairs, which are often preferred by many European crime scene technicians. It allows the duster to dust for a print delicately and accurately. It is approximately 7" long with 1 3/4" bristles.
Part Number: LTN-10026 Blue Squirrel
Part Number: LTN-10035 Continental

Feather Duster

SIRCHIE Marabou Feather Duster, black
Description: "Tens of thousands of our standard Marabou Feather Dusters are in use by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Ideally suited for primary and secondary latent print development with any type of powder. Each brush comes with a transparent tube and cap for storage. Available in four colors. SPECIFICATIONS:• Handle and Ferrule Length: 4 5/8"• Feather Length: 4 1/2""
Part Number: SIR-123L(B-Black, R-Red, G-Green, W-White)
Price: $15-60
SIRCHIE WHOPPING Marabou Feather Duster, black
Description: "Our newest addition to our Marabou Feather Duster family. Three times the volume of richly, luxurious Marabou down. Superb for use as a primary or secondary applicator of all latent print powders. Especially suited for large area applications. Each brush comes with an individual transparent tube and cap for storage when not in use. Available in three colors."
Part Number: SIR-123LBW(black) LWW(white) RWB(Red,White and Blue)
Price: $27-50

Lightning Feather Dusters

This fluffy Marabou feather duster is ideal for dusting large areas and is highly recommended for use with Redwop™ powder and other fluorescent powders. The soft bristles pick up large amounts of powder and distribute them with very little mess on the desired surfaces. The wooden handle is 5" long and the feathers are approximately 4" long. Available in red or white feathers.

Part Number: LTN-10030 (red)
Price: $22-00
Part Number: LTN-10031 (white)
Price: $22-00

Specialty Brushes

Description: "Carbon filament latent print brushes feature the very latest in latent print development technology. Carbon fiber brushes are unequalled because carbon fibers are naturally smooth and feature a low friction quality. In addition, carbon fibers are corrosion- and moisture-resistant-ensuring the finest brush even in extremely high humidity. The fine-diameter filaments are randomly layered-allowing the user to quickly change powder colors simply by shaking the brush free of initial powder. The SEARCH® Carbosmoove I Brush is the softest cluster brush available- comprised of tens of thousands of specially selected carbon filaments. The brush features an anodized aluminum, machine-knurled handle with superb balance for complete powder control. Each brush is individually packaged in a plastic tube with cap."
Part Number: SIR-CFB100
Price: $47-20
Standard Size Fiberglass Brush, 1/4" dia. x 4 1/4"L
Description: "These are unquestionably the finest brushes available for developing latent fingerprints. Thousands of specially selected fiberglass filaments form a cloudlike, soft cluster that retains powder and eliminates the constant powder replenishment required for conventional brushes. They are produced on a perfectly balanced, machine-knurled, black anodized aluminum handle for the ultimate in control. The brush is supplied in a protective container and cap. Available in two sizes: Standard measures 4 1/4" long and Kit Size is 2 3/4" long. The reduced handle length makes the kit size brush an exact replacement for conventional brushes found in most fingerprint field kits now in use. "
Part Number: SIR-122L
Price: $23-75
The ZEPHYR® brush is, without question, the finest brush ever developed for use in applying latent print powder to dust for latent fingerprints. The 6 1/2" long brush consists of thousands of fiber bundles, each being composed of over a hundred individual treated-glass filaments. The diameter of the glass filaments is a fraction of the diameter of regular hair fibers used in other fingerprint brushes, resulting in a brush with unsurpassed working qualities. The outstanding characteristics of the ZEPHYR® brush are its long life, capacity to pick up and retain large amounts of fingerprint powder, and the fact that the filament ends become softer with use. Use one ZEPHYR® brush for black powder and one for silver/gray powder.
Since 1956, the ZEPHYR® brush is the ORIGINAL and still the best fiberglass fingerprint dusting brush available..Do not be misled by imitators who may claim superiority for their product.
ZEPHYR® is a registered trademark of the ZEPHYR BRUSH COMPANY.
Part Number: LTN-10200
Price: $33-00
SIRCHIE Retractable Fiberglass Brush
Description: "This is an excellent brush that features a fiberglass cluster cloud. The cloud may be controlled and incrementally adjusted. Simply move the retracting shroud and adjust the flair. The shroud protects the fiberglass cluster and ensures unequalled protection from foreign particle contamination, moisture and rough usage."
Part Number: SIR-RFF200
Price: $87-80
FACII® Powder/Brush Delivery System
PATENT NO. 8,248,543
The revolutionary FACII® has become the standard for many investigators in the latent print development
field. The FACII® features a unique, patented, selfcontained powder delivery system. The system supplies powder directly into the brush filaments-providing a very neat and efficient processing procedure. The FACII®'s cluster cloud fiberglass brush element may be adjusted by moving the unit's shroud up and down-for total control over both the size and firmness of the brush cluster.
The FACII®'s unique selfcontained powder and brush delivery system may be carried like a pen or pencil. After use, simply return the brush's protective sleeve to its original position and place the protective cap on the open end.
Adjust the shroud to the desired brush size. Then, gently squeeze the attached powder reservoir to force a controlled amount of powder into the brush filaments. The brush is now ready to use- it's that simple! After use, close the shroud and store. It is clean enough to store in a shirt pocket!
The FACII®'s housing is constructed of machine-knurled Delrin®, and it is properly balanced for user comfort. All of the FACII® components may be ordered, interchanged and cleaned separately-for greater efficiency.
SIR-FAC1000 kit shown.
Price: $180-00
Available in a variety of powder colours.
Brush/powder only Part Number: SIR-FAC
Price: from $77-00

Magnetic Powder Applicators

Description: The Standard Magnetic Powder Applicator is ideal for precision dusting of small to medium surface areas! The 125L is made of machined, anodized aluminum and features a narrow magnet to fit any size powder container. Use for processing paper, finished and unfinished wood, nonferrous metals, plastic, glass, vinyl, etc. Weight: 0.9 oz.
Part Number: SIR-125L (Shown below left)
Price: $40-00
Description: The SEARCH MEGAWAND™ features an expanded coverage area designed especially for dusting a large surface area. The wand holds approximately three times as much powder as the standard wand and features a machined Delrin® housing with spring-loaded ejection. Weight: 1.6 oz.
Part Number: SIR-125MD (Shown above centre)
Price: $46-75
GIGAMAG™ Magnetic Powder Applicator
Description: "The GIGAMAG™ Magnetic Wand Sweeper is the only choice for maximum coverage. This wand holds approximately nine times as much powder as the standard wand. It features a rugged, precision-machined Delrin® housing. Weight: 6.8 oz.
Part Number:SIR-125GM (Shown above right)
Price: $100-00

Lightning Magnetic Applicators

Our ergonomical magnetic applicators have powerful magnets to hold a large amount of magnetic powder on its tip. The standard applicator has a spring in the handle which will hold the internal magnet in place until you are ready to release the powder by pulling up the knob on the top to move the internal magnet away from the tip. With the spring holding the magnet forward, you will be able to dust surfaces above a horizontal plane, even overhead. Most other magnetic applicators let the magnet fall away from the tip when the applicator tip is raised above horizontal, and then the magnetic powder cascades over your hand and down your sleeve. The overall length of this magnetic applicator is 5 1/2".
Part Number: LTN-10150 (Shown above right)
Price: $21-93
Part Number: LTN-10151 (Shown above left)
Price: $55-00

Lightning Latent Print Powders

Lightning Black Fingerprint Powder

Developed in 1936, Lightning® black powder is noted for its coal-black hue and its property of adhering to the latent print, but not to the background surface. It is a heavy powder which will not float around in the air and "dust" the technician as well as the print. Lightning® black powder is recommended for most general dusting situations with either a Zephyr® Fiberglass Brush or a camelhair brush. This black powder has been the powder of choice for many latent print technicians for over sixty years.
We recommend buying the more economical 16 ounce or 128 ounce jars and refilling the smaller 90 cc jars, for ease of use. Our 90 cc jars have an extra wide mouth so it is easy to insert your brush into the jar without spilling powder.
Part Number: LTN-10001 (2oz)
Price: $27-50
Part Number: LTN-10010 (8oz)
Price: $48-00
Part Number: LTN-10002 (16oz)
Price: $90-00
Part Number: LTN-10013 (128oz)
Price: $440-00

Lightning White Fingerprint Powder

Lightning® white powder is useful when greater contrast with a dark-colored background is desired. Use a dedicated Zephyr® Fiberglass Brush for white powder to avoid contamination from other colors of powder. Dust the surface and lift the print with white powder the same way you would with black powder. However, when you lift the developed print with tape or a Lightning Lift™, place it on a black backing card or use a Handi-Lift™ with a black backer.
Part Number: LTN-10081 (2oz)
Price: $17-00
Part Number: LTN-10083 (8oz)
Price: $48-00
Part Number: LTN-10084 (16oz)
Price: $90-00
Part Number: LTN-10085 (128oz)
Price: $440-00

Lightning® Bi-Chromatic™ Powder

Lightning® Bi-Chromatic™ powder has the remarkable properties of appearing black when dusted on a light-colored surface and appearing silver when dusted on a dark-colored surface. You can use the same Zephyr® fiberglass brush and Bi-Chromatic™ powder for 90 percent of your dusting requirements at crime scenes. The greatest advantage of using Bi-Chromatic™ powder is that the lifted prints will be black when placed on a white backing card. This eliminates the bother of comparing latent prints with light-colored ridges on a black background against rolled prints with black ridges on a white background. It also means that only white backing cards will be needed. There is no need for black backing cards with Bi-Chromatic™ powder.
Part Number: LTN-10005 (2oz)
Price: $27-50
Part Number: LTN-10012 (8oz)
Price: $48-00
Part Number: LTN-10006 (16oz)
Price: $90-00
Part Number: LTN-10015 (128oz)
Price: $440-00

Lightning Silver/Gray Powder

Lightning® silver/gray powder is recommended for use on all glass, metallic, highly-varnished surfaces, hard rubber, safes, blue-steel guns or dark-colored surfaces. Many technicians prefer silver/gray powder due to its high sensitivity for developing latent prints on so many different surfaces. It is necessary to place a lift of a latent print developed with silver/gray powder on a black backing card. We recommended using a different Zephyr® Fiberglass Brush for each color of powder, therefore, if you use black powder have one Zephyr® brush for your jar of black powder and another Zephyr® Fiberglass Brush for your jar of silver/gray powder.
Part Number: LTN-10003 (2oz)
Price: $17-00
Part Number: LTN-10011 (8oz)
Price: $48-00
Part Number: LTN-10004 (16oz)
Price: $90-00
Part Number: LTN-10014 (128oz)
Price: $440-00

Lightning® Metallic Powders

Available in copper or gold, our Metallic powders produce solid, high-definition, high-density fingerprint ridge lines. Because of their metallic base, they provide strong reflectance for easy photography but can be used with a standard fingerprint brush, such as the Zephyr®.
Part Number: LTN-10079 (Gold 2oz)
Price: $27-50
Part Number: LTN-10082 (Copper 2oz)
Price: $27-50

Lightning® Black Onyx™ Powder

Lightning Powder introduces an evolution in black fingerprint powder. Black Onyx™ is a lighter-bodied powder than our standard black powder. Black Onyx™ gives the same reliable process capabilities as our original Black, but it's lighter body doesn't paint the background as much as a heavier bodied black powder.
Part Number: LTN-10201 (2oz)
Price: $14-00
Part Number: LTN-10202 (16oz)
Price: $48-00

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