Product Training

VAST Special Products with our associate company, VAST Academy , offer the opportunity for purchasers of Riot Control, Defensive, Security and Training products to obtain factory certified training in the management and use of these products through various levels, from basic user qualifications right up to Instructor and Instructor-Trainer levels. This is something we have been doing for a number of years for military, police, corrective services and security users.

Chief Executive Officer Bill Whalley says, 'If it doesn't work on the street, then we don't teach it.' Bill and his support staff of current Senior Law Enforcement instructors, are factory trained and qualified to provide only the most up-to-date and operationally valid training. 'Selecting and using the correct level of Force Option is the difference between the professional and non-professional law enforcement officers response. If you are not trained, you cannot hope to be able to respond quickly, accurately and effectively,' says Bill.

Please look under the list of courses on the VAST Academy side of the web page.

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