Evidence Impression & Casting

Inkless Foot/Shoe Print Kit


SIRCHIE EZID™ Stainfree Footwear Impression System
The new EZID™ system consists of a pre-impregnated stain free pad and pre-sensitized impression cards. More than 200 footwear impressions can be taken from a single EZID™ stain free pad. And since no ink is visible on the surface it is applied to, no cleanup is necessary. Plus, the reverse side of the impression cards are printed with an impression evidence report for recording all pertinent information. The EZID400 kit is the ideal tool for use in the crime laboratory, at the crime scene and is excellent for elimination of prints at crime scenes! It is simple to use and can record even the smallest details of wear and tear found on footwear. The most outstanding feature is that there is no messy cleanup after impressions are taken.


Part Number: SIR-EZID400
Price: $187-00

Part Number: SIR-EZID4012C (impression cards, 200 pk)
Price: $110-00

SIRCHIE Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter
The ESP900 Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter consists of a high voltage power supply/control unit, a nickel-plated steel ground plane and a metalized lifting medium. Older electrostatic models required the use of two lifting mats-one positively charged and one negatively charged. Our latest electrostatic lifter uses only one metalized plastic sheet and a metal ground plane. As high voltage is applied to the lifting mat, it takes on a negative charge and the ground plane becomes positive. Any dust present under the mat will take on a positive charge and will then be attracted to the negatively charged collection mat. A dust print that is transferred to the lifting mat will appear as a precise mirror image of the original print and lifts made from rough-surfaced floor tile or irregular flooring of any kind are facilitated using this method.


Part Number: SIR-ESP900
Price: $1,452-00

Description: To accurately compare tire print evidence, the track left by the suspect tire should be recorded under the pressure of the vehicle. SIRCHTRAK™ is a new, easy-to-use "drive over" system that gives a permanent record of the tire under load, making comparisons to casts and/or photographs more reliable and eliminating dusting or inking of tires to be examined. Simply lay a sheet of SIRCHTRAK™ on the impression board and drive the vehicle over it. The pressure of the tire under load causes the interleaved carbon carrier to transfer to the adhesive-coated receiver sheet. Simply peel off the carbon carrier and discard. BENEFITS: Unlike conventional methods of making test tracks, the tire tread imprints are exact, uniform, high-contrast reproductions which become an accurate "signature" of the suspect tire. The SIRCHTRAK™ printout is perfect for comparison purposes and ultimate courtroom presentations.


Part Number: SIR-STT100
Price: $242-00


Lightning Dust Print Lifter This equipment will lift the dust from the papers, the desk tops and the file folders. It uses electricity to attract the dust particles from the surface to a dark-colored lifting film. Place the dark lift film on the paper, desk top or whatever surface on which you see a footwear impression or you suspect there is a footwear impression.

Plug in the probe and ground wires to the power pack. Attach the ground wire to a strip (about 3" x 9") of lift film and tape the strip of lift film, silver-side down, to the surface near the footwear impression.

Turn on the power pack and touch the probe to the lift film over the footwear impression to charge it with electricity.

Use the roller to insure maximum contact between the film and the surface. Turn off the power pack but continue to touch the probe to the film for a few moments. Discharge the probe by touching it to a metal surface. Carefully turn over the film and transport it to the photo studio as soon as possible. Keep the film as flat as possible.

  • high-voltage variable power pack
  • recharging unit
  • probe wire
  • ground wire
  • 25 sheets of lift film (9" x 16")
  • flashlight
  • set of Bureau scales
  • transparent scale
  • roller
  • heavy-duty carrying case


Part Number: LTN-45001
Price: $1,925-00





Impression and Casting


Bio Foam Impression System Using BIO-FOAM® to make impressions of footwear is easy, takes only seconds, and does not get the footwear dirty. Each BIO-FOAM® Impression Kit comes in a cardboard container which is suitable for storage and will protect the impression while in the evidence storage room. The foam is blue in color and the size is 14" x 6" x 2 1/4". Press the footwear in the BIO-FOAM® and remove the shoe. Liberally coat the BIO-FOAM® impression with hair spray. Wait until it dries and pour in the prepared dental stone. Allow it to cure. Remove the cast from the BIO-FOAM® impression and allow it to dry for about 48 hours. Once the dental-stone cast is completely dried, rinse it with running water and gently scrub it with a bottle brush to remove any excess foam.


Part Number: LTN-41120
Price: $17-00

Paret Number: SIR-BIF100
Price: $15-40

Lightning Crime-Cast™ is a complete plaster casting mixture in a bag. This convenient and easy-to-use pouch contains everything necessary to make a plaster cast of an average-size shoeprint.

A small water bladder is enclosed in each Crime-Cast™ pouch. Simply press on the middle of the bag, breaking the water bladder. Shake and knead the mixture and pour it slowly into the impression. You no longer need to carry around water, mixing bowls and measuring cups, because the appropriate amount of casting material and water has already been measured out for you and is included in the bag. Just break, mix and pour. Because of it's compact nature, the Crime Cast™ is an excellent addition to nearly any crime scene kit.


Part Number: LTN-41103
Price: $44-00

Lightning Dental Stone Casting Powder One method to collect footwear or tire track impressions in dirt is by casting them. Dental stone/casting powder produces clean, detailed impressions and maximum strength consistent with minimum setting and thermal expansion. Dental stone is superior to plaster of paris because of its strength and quality of neither shrinking nor expanding noticeably. It is available in one-gallon (9 lbs. powder) plastic jars or in 25-pound cartons. An average cast of a footwear impression requires about 2 to 3 pounds of dental stone. A tire track, depending on the length will take about 4 to 7 pounds of dental stone. Ask for our free Technical Note on casting tips.

  • Consistency: 30 parts water to 100 parts powder by weight.
  • Setting time: 7-10 minutes.
  • Tensile strength: 600 PSI .
  • Maximum expansion: 0.13 of 1%

Part Number: LTN-41101 (25lb)
Price: $99-00

Lightning Casting Frames These are adjustable aluminum frames used to contain the flow of dental stone when making casts of footwear or tire impressions at the scene. Unique overlap clips allow eight inches or more of expansion. Each frame includes two "U" shaped bars, with two connector slides. Simply remove the connector slides when done, and the unit is a small, easily transportable item. Each frame can be used several times.

  • Footprint frame dimensions: 7 1/4" x 10-18"
  • Tire frame dimensions: 12" x 15-28"

Part Number: LTN-41105 (Footprint)
Price: $59-80

part Number: LTN-41106 (Tyre)
Price: $91-80


SIRCHIE Adjustable Casting Frame, 7 1/4" x 12" to 18"and 12" x 18" to 24"
These all-aluminum, adjustable casting frames restrict the flow of casting compounds. Each size expands a full six inches in length. Manufactured out of 0.060" x 1 3/4" aluminum.

Part Number: SIR-FCF100 (small)
Price: $44-00

Part Number: SIR-FCF200 (large)
Price: $58-30

Sirchie Casting Plaster, 10 lb.
This special formula plaster is for tire and footprint evidence. The exothermic retarder slows set-up while mixing and reduces shrinkage while curing. Comes in a 10 lb. container.


Part Number: SIR-639C1
Price: $33-00

Sirchie Shake-N-Cast™ Impression Kit
This kit features a self-contained, pre-measured water capsule and dental stone* casting material packaged in a single, heavy-duty plastic pouch. This incredibly simple-to-use kit eliminates all the mess and guess-work inherent with many other casting mediums. With Shake-N-Cast™, the mixture is always the right consistency. The Shake-N-Cast™ kit contains 2 lbs. (32 oz.) of dental stone and 14 fluid oz. of liquefier, factory-sealed in a tough plastic pouch. One kit is sufficient for casting a full-sized, adult shoe print. Simply apply pressure to break the water capsule, shake and knead the container for up to two minutes, cut off a corner of the pouch and pour it into the impression. When working in loose, dry soil or sand, we recommend preparing the impression with Dust and Dirt Hardener (No. 638CA).


Part Number: SIR-SNC42
Price: $40-00

"HARD-CORE BLUE™ casting material and solution are sold in pre-measured amounts required for mixing. HARD-CORE BLUE™ is an all-purpose, gypsum-based casting material that offers Herculean strength, accurate reproductions, simplicity of use and long term economy. It is a "dental stone" casting material proven to be the most efficient and practical method for casting tire and footprint impressions. Its superior strength eliminates the need for reinforcement. Typical casts are 1/2" to 3/4" thick (compared with several inches thick using plaster), and offer some amazing properties. It has been stored for months on end in the trunk of a vehicle with no apparent loss of efficiency-from subfreezing to temperatures in excess of 100° F (38° C). It sets up in a shorter time and has only a minor exothermic reaction. Only larger impressions require damming or flow restriction.


Part Number: SIR-HCB2001 (2Kg)
Price: $44-00

Part Number: SIR-HCB2002 (solution for 2Kg)
Price: $15-00

Part Number: SIR-HCB3001 (4Kg)
Price: $77-00

Part Number: SIR-HCB3002 (solution for 4Kg)
Price: $22-00

Sirchie DUROCAST Impression Compound w/Catalyst, 23.28 oz. (660g)
This is one of the most accurate products available for impression reproductions and is capable of reproducing the ink depth of U.S. paper currency. It is ideal for reproducing impressions in metals, wood, plastic and paper. NO RELEASE AGENT REQUIRED FOR SEPARATION. Its shelf life is more than 2 years in a tightly sealed container. Compound includes a No. DOC100S measuring spoon. Castings remain flexible indefinitely. Non-toxic with a set-up time of 8-12 minutes.


Part Number: SIR-DOC101
Price: $165-00


MIKROSIL™ Casting Putty, 7 oz.
When casting small details that need high-contrast for microscopic examinations, use the MIKROSIL™ Casting Material Kit. It consists of two easy to- use tubes, mixing pad and wooden spatula. The large tube contains putty material (available in brown, gray, black and white) and the smaller tube contains catalyst. Brown and gray are preferred by tool mark examiners while white and black are used to lift dusted latent fingerprints from rough or textured surfaces.


Part Number: SIR-MCM100(colour)
Price: $66-00

Part Number: SIR-MCM100CA (catalyst)
Price: $15-40

Part Number: LTN-41006 (grey)

LTN-41007 (brown)

LTN-41008 (white)

LTN-41009 (black)

Price: $69-30

Part Number: LTN-41010 (catalyst)
Price: $15-40

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