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Monadnock Escalation of Trauma Chart
These charts were designed to explain to sutdnets the level of resultant trauma that can be expected to be sustained by a suspect when struck to these areas of the body. The areas are based on the medical implications that can be expected and have taken into acccount the legal, medical and tactical considerations regarding the use of force and escalation & de-escalation of trauma. The charts are divided into green, yellow and red zones and use the traffic light analogy to explain the implications of trauma. Full colour, A3 size.
Part Number: MLP-ETC
Price: $36-00
Monadnock White Training Batons
Manufactured of moulded white foam composite, these batons are ideal for blocking and striking practice minimising the risk of injury to students and trainers. It is recommended that any strikes be made to an appropriate strike bag and not directly onto a human being. Available in both straight and PR24 styles.
Part Numbers:
MLP-SB/WT (Straight)
Price: $33-00
MLP-PR24/WT (PR24)
Price: $44-00
Monadnock Universal Straight Training Baton
An excellent aid for baton and defensive tactics training. Based around a PVC road which is coated in high density foam being wrapped in Cordura nylon for extended life this baton is primarily for use with a training suit or strike bag.
Part Number: MLP-STB
Price: $99-00

Monadnock Universal Training Bag
Constructed of high density foam and incorporating velocity holes for maximum engery absorption, these bags are suitable for use with training or operational batons. Double stitched and with a leather face insert the Univesal Training Bag is standard NATO blue for ease of depth of field perception unlike black bags. The back of the bag has four grab handles for use either vertically or horizontally depending on requirements.
Part Number: MLP-UTB
Price: $242-00

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