VAST Special Products Vision & Mission Statement

Corporate Vision

To Provide Equipment & Training Support to Police, Military, Corrections & Security Personnel beyond the scope of Conventional Supply & Training Organisations & to continue developing our line of equipment & training products until they are the most comprehensive in the Australasia.

We shall continue to design, develop, source and deliver specialist equipment as required for your specific requirements, Australia wide. We will continue to develop our "Gear off the Shelf" Concept (GOTS) that will enable you to purchase pre-designed standardised product ranges to ensure that new staff and reinforcements are equipped with the same duty equipment that existing staff are issued. This one-stop-shop concept is our desired end state.

We will develop and maintain our close relationships with our international & domestic Manufacturers to ensure that your operational requirements are met in a relevant & cost-effective manner. We will source the latest in technology and training to ensure that you always have access to state of the art products & training.

Mission Statement

To set the benchmark standard by which all Special Product Supply & Law Enforcement Training Companies will be gauged by a total commitment to providing quality products, exceptional training, value for money & exemplary customer service.

We will achieve this by;

Identifying correct attitudes and broader issues within the Special Product Supply & Training Professions.

Maintaining professional & appropriate training levels for our staff & Instructors whilst developing and encouraging Customer Service Skills.

In training we undertake to provide a learning environment that is intellectually challenging, stimulating, rewarding & enjoyable. We encourage the individual to challenge and question in this positive learning environment. We strive to provide training that will encourage personal development in safety.

We will undertake constant training & product evaluation & development.


The products listed in the website and catalogue are subject to change without notice as new materials, technology or designs become available. Listed prices may be subject to change without notice.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this catalogue, but VAST reserves the right to correct any errors or omissions and is not bound contractually by them.

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