Hydration Packs

Hydrastorm Force 5 Pack

HydraStorm™ Force 5™
This is the largest of all Hydrastorm Pack systems. Giving you over 36 litres of massive storage. Unique "Intercooler" back panel and rigid bottom keep weight centred and efficient. Comes with utility loops on the outside pocket. Includes a 3 litre Hydrastorm System fully insulated within the main compartment. Storage capacity - 36.7 litres.
Special Features:
Intercooler Ventilation System - compression molded foam intercooler back panel, revitalizes, cools and enhances back support and performance.
Conotured shoulder straps.
Fully padded and removeable waist strap.
Accessory/sleeping bag straps.
Grip-Force heavy duty top carry/drag handle.
All #9 YKK zippers with SUref-Grip pulls.
BlackHawk tube routing system.
Fully adjustable and removeable sternum strap.
Part Numbers:
BHI-6800 (Black)
BHI-6801 (Olive Drab)
BHI-6804 (Coyote Tan, shown)
Price: $253-00
BHI-6805 (ARPAT)
Price: $258-50

Hydrastorm Cyclone Pack

BlackHawk HydraStorm S.T.R.I.K.E. Cyclone 100oz Hydration Pack
Blackhawk Hydrastorm Cyclone pack is versatile and rugged. It has rapidlu become a customer favourite! Features: Drink system protected by Microban® anitmicrobial technology. market proven bite valve and patent pending quick release system. Twin compartments for extra storage. Large compartment has internal pouch for radio packs and features 3 antenna ports with flaps. Over 100 external S.T.R.I.K.E.™ webbing attachment points. IVS™ molded back panel superior comfort, stability and airflow. Reinforced waist belt with additional attachment points. Contoured, padded shoulder straps and sternum strap for extra comfort. Rubber drag handle. Metal grommet at the bottom of pack for drainage. Hydration capacity - 3 litres. Pack capacity - 31 litres.
Part Numbers:
BHI-65300 (Black)
BHI-65301 (Olive Drab)
BHI-63502 (Woodland)
BHI-63504 (Coyote Tan)
BHI-63506 (Foliage Green)
Price: $253-00
BHI-65305 (ARPAT, shown)
Price: $258-50

Hydrastorm Predator Pack

BlackHawk HydraStorm S.T.R.I.K.E. Predator 100oz Hydration Pack
The Predator provides 14 litres of storage space and is now designed with the S.T.R.I.K.E. system for modular attachment of Blackhawk accessories. Features a hydration system protected by Microban antimicrobial technology. Market proven bite valve and patent pending quick disconnect system. Additional compartment for optional second reservior. Fully padded contour shoulder harness includes sternum strap. Reinforced drag/carry handle. YKK zippers with sure-grip, silent pulls. IVS molded back panel superior comfort, stability and aiflow.
Part Numbers:
BHI-65200 (Black)
BHI-65201 (Olive Drab, shown)
BHI-65202 (Woodland)
BHI-65203 (Desert Camo)
Price: $169-00

Hydrastorm Tsunami Pack

BlackHawk HydraStorm STRIKE Tsunami 100oz Pack
The Tsunami is a perfect combination of cargo capacity and hydration. It has two large pockets with Blackhawk patent pending S.T.R.I.K.E. system for modular attachment of Blackhaawk accessories. the drink system is protected by Microban anitmicrobial technology. Market proven bite valve and patent pending quick disconnect system. Comfortable, fully adjustable quick ditch harness. IVS molded back panel for superior comfort, stability and airflow. Hydration capacity - 3 litres. Storage capacity - 14 litres.
Part Numbers:
BHI-65100 (Black)
BHI-65101 (Olive Drab)
BHI-65102 (Woodland, shown)
BHI-65103 (Desert Camo)
Price: $165-00
BHI-56105 (ARPAT)
Price: $172-00

Hydrastorm Tempest II System

BlackHawk HydraStorm Tempest II 100oz Pack
The Tempest is a user friendly system that can be used to add hydration to any pack, but can also be used as a stand alone. It is ideal for Police or security operatives. Features Microban antimicrobial technology, a market proven bite valve and patent pending quick disconnect system. Back assist handle makes refills quick and easy. Shoulder strap system is fully stowable for use with any pack or bag. External fill cap in matching colours.
Part Number:
BHI-65700 (Black, shown)
BHI-65701 (Olive Drab)
BHI-65702 (Woodland)
BHI-65703 (Desert Camo, shown)
BHI-65704 (Coyote Tan)
Price: $88-00
BHI-65705 (ARPAT)
Price: $93-50

Hydrastorm Vector System

HydraStorm Vector
Aerodynamically streamlined, the Vector molds to the contours of your back. It is designed to increase performance in cramped quarters such as aircraft, tanks, vans and helicopters and to limit it's "snagability". the Vector has an integrated suspension harness to lower your profile when worn under jackets, vests, packs or web gear. Ideal for Police, military or security operators, it has four zippered pockets for stowage of small items. It also features a full sternum strap with elastic expansion, a tube routing system and quick ditch shoulder straps.
Part Numbers:
BHI-7400 (Black, shown)
BHI-7401 (Olive Drab)
Price: $132-00

Hydrastorm Turbine System

BlackHawk HydraStorm Turbine 100oz Hydration System
the Turbine was developed to be the workhorse of hydration systems. The exterior is Blackhawks revolutionary NyTaneon material. The shoulder straps are contoured and padded with adjustable, quick ditch buckles. The Turbine features a YKK zipper and silent super-grip pull tabs. It's streamline design allows for easy integration into any Blackhawk vest, pack or bag naking this hydration system perfect for Police, military or security applications. the entire internal system contains moisture wicking mesh and thrmo-insulating padding, specially "Flame" laminated for superior peformance. The resevoir is a breakthrough in technology and design and is protected by Microban antimicrobial technology. Like all Hydrastorm reserviors it is designed to collapse flat and has an interior baffle to prevent sloching and swaying during ectreme, hihg motion use.
Part Numbers:
BHI-6000 (Black, shown)
BHI-6001 (Olive Drab)
BHI-6002 (Woodland)
BHI-6004 (Coyote Tan)
BHI-6005 (ARPAT)
Price: $88-00

Hydrastorm Tidal Rave System

BlackHawk HydraStorm Tidal Rave 100 oz Black
The Tidal Rave gives you up to 3 litres of hydration. It has a lightweight mesh shoulder harness and bungee retention system to keep a rain jacket or other clothing available. The Tidal Rave is an economic Hydrastorm designed for basic outings. Standard clolor is black. It is made with rip-stop NyTaneon on the outer shell and moisture wicking mesh on the inner back to keep you coll and comfortable. Tube cover not included. Hydration capacity - 3 Litres.
Part Number:- BHI-6600
Price: $66-00

Hydrastorm Torrent Extreme Systems

BlackHawk HydraStorm Torrent Extreme 100oz Pack
The Extreme II is a stand-alone or insertable system for any pack, bag or vest and comes with a 3 litre reservior. Features a drink system protected by Microban antimicrobial technology. Market proven bite valve and patent pending quick-disconnect syste. External fill cap and anodized "D" rings now in matching camo colours. carry handle and lo profile suspension system, if needed as a stand alone hydration system. Shoulder straps are made with durable flat nylon webbing with fully adjustable pull tabs.
Part Numbers:
BHI-65900 (Black)
BHI-65901 (Olive Drab)
BHI-65904 (Coyote Tan, shown)
Price: $66-00

Hydrastorm Matrix

HydraStorm Matrix
This pack was designed for mountain rescue professionals with the same durability as Blackhawk military packs. It was designed with the extreme outdoorsman in mind. It's tapered to fit the body and stay steady during extreme activities. The Matrix has numberous storage and attachment points and is aerodynamically shaped to minimize wind surface. there is an outer compression panel and a threaded shock cord on the surface that allows for rapid deployment of items. Semi-rigid access handles provide quick access to axes, 'biners, pumps, etc. The Matrix has an IVS molded back panel which provides greater comfort, stability and airflow. the bottom of the pack has HawkTex non-slip, abrasion resistant material for extra durability. Hydration capacity - 3 litre. Storage capacity - 31 litres.
Part Numbers:
BHI-7200 (Black)
BHI-7201 (Olive Drab/Black, shown)
Price: $231-00

Hydrastorm Barracuda System

BlackHawk HydraStorm Barracuda 100oz Hydration System
The newest addition to the Hydrastorm range, the Barracuda is cargo capacity and hydration that is perfect for short missions. It is a low profile pack that combines a protected external fill with a well designed, efficient pocket. The protective flap and pocket are covered in Blackhawks patented S.T.R.I.K.E. system for modular attachment of Blackhawk accessories. Features a drink system protected by Microban antimicrobial treatment, market proven bite valve and patent pending quick disconnect system. Comfortable, fully adjustable quick ditch harness. IVS molded back panel, superior for comfort, stability and airflow.
Part Numbers:
BHI-65BC00BK (Black)
BHI-65BC00OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-65BC00CT (Coyote Tan)
Price: $121-00
BHI-65BC00AU (ARPAT, shown)
Price: $124-30

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