Long Arms Weapon Lights

Classic Series Long Arm Lights

Classic Universal System Weaponlights offer a modular approach to fitting a light and/or laser to your weapon, providing unequaled flexibility to meet your particular needs. Because it is modular, you can alter a Calssic Universal system in the field to suit changing conditions or mission requirements. Or you can switch parts between two weapons that use this system.
There are two ways to purchase a Calssic Universal System: by choosing modular components to "build your own" or by choosing a complete preconfigured system tailored to a specific weapon. Eather way, your Classic universal System can be modified or aurgmented with different components at a later date.

Surefie's selection of mounts and adapters enable you to attach Classic Universal weaponlights to a firearms barrel, front sight, suppressor or magazine tube, depending on the firearm make and model.
For further information on preconfigured systems and the range of options for "build your own" systems, contact our office.

Dedicated Forend Weaponlights

Dedicated Forend Weaponlights are designed to fit most popular assault rifles, carbines, shotguns and sub-machine guns by replacing the weapons original forend and include a shock-isolated tactical light and switching cleanly integrated within a forend.

A Dedicated Forend generally weighs less and costs less than a comparably performing Picatinny rail/Weaponlight combination. For that reason Dedicated Forends are recommended for military and law enforcement applications that do not require the extensive accessory mounting capabilities of a Surefire Picatinny rail forend.
Switching options range from a single integrated momentary-on pressure pad to a complete array of switches providing maximum control. Some models also feature low-output navigation LED's in addition to the main lamp. Available accessories include infrared filters, unltra high output replacement lamps and laser sighting modules.
For further information on the range of Dedicated Forends to suit AR15/M16/M4, Heckler and Koch G36 and MP5 and SIG 551 weapons, contact our office.

Millennium Universal System Weaponlights

The six, nine and 12 volt lights in the Millennium Universal Tactical Light System (MU System) attach to Picatinny Rail interface-equipped shoulder-fired weapons via either a built-in A.R.M.S. throw-lever mount or a dual thumbscrew mount. The shock-isolated systems are modular and components are interchangeable, permitting rapid field conversion to the desired light output, bezel size and switch configuration. The bezel, lamp and tailcap are interchangeable with Surefire's Special Operations Series of handheld flashlights, providing parts redundency and expedient field repairs.
MU System WeaponLights can accommodate a SureFire laser and a variety of lamp modules, including a beam-focusing 2.5" TurboHead reflector for illumination at extended range and a variety of switch arrangements. Available accessories include infrared filters and ultra high output replacement lamps.
These weaponlights are constructed of aerospace grade, hard-anodised (Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2) aluminum. Like all Surefire Weaponlights they feature the highest degree of shock-isolation to ensure maximum reliability in combat situations. The MU System is currently in use with U.S. Special Forces.
Contact our office for configuration options, part numbers and pricing.

Vertical Foregrip Weaponlights

Vertical Foregrip WeaponLights attach to a Picatinny rail interface-equipped weapons via a built-in A.R.M.S. throw-lever mount or thumbscrew clamps. Each unit is equipped with five separate switches: (1) two pressure-sensitive momentary activation pads to control the main battle light -- one on each side of the grip for ambidextrous operation (2) a constant-on switch (3) a system disable switch to lock the light in the OFF position for covert operations or to eliminate accidental light activation during storage, and (4) a third, smaller momentary switch to control two low-output LEDs that are useful whenever there is a need for a very small amount of light (stealth navigation, nighttime breaching operations, etc.)
The Vertical Foregrip beezel and lamp are identical to those used in selected Surefire Special Operations Series flashlights, giving the operator interchangeable parts for field-expedient repairs. Available accessories include infrared filters and ultra high output replacement lamps. For long range use, models featuring a lager Turbohead reflector are available.
Like all Surfeire Weaponlights, these models feature the highest degree of shock-isolation for maximum reliability in combat conditions.
For details of all available options, part numbers and pricing, contact our office.

Scout Light LED Weaponlight

The two-battery Scout Light attaches to a Picatinny rail via an included thumbscrew clamp. An extremely rugged and powerful LED module produces 100 lumens of electronically-regulated light with a total runtime of nearly three hours. Switching is accomplished with a momentary-on remote tape switch that can be unplugged from the light if repairs or adjustments are required.
Compact size, reduced weight, and a wider beam (compared to incandescent Weaponlights with larger reflectors) make the Scout Light perfect for CQB operations, urban operations, and extended missions where every ounce counts.
Users who need infrared capability from their Scout Light can replace the LED module with the LU60A incandescent module plus an FM63 IR filter. This is necessary because the white light LED's produce an insignificant amount of infrared radiation. Available Scout Light accessories also include the M76 swivel mount that allows the light to be extended away from the forend in a range of positions.
Part Number: LAS-M600A
Price: $700-00
Part Number: LAS-M600 KIT01 (with incandescent module and FM63 IR Filter)
Price: $924-00

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