Under Vehicle Inspection System


The Und-Aware 500 Series Under Vehicle Inspection and Surveillance System designed for Anti-Terrorism! Anti Drug! Force Protection! Look for weapons... explosives... contraband... illegals ...escapees...! Search the full width and length of any size vehicle, in real time, in any weather with AirWash™ (patented). Add recording for immediate review or with appropriate options, you may playback at a later time.
The Und-Aware™ AG-500 provides eight high-resolution (NTSC or PAL) color camera images for sharp detail over a full vehicle width. Four separate base assembly units incorporate the AirWash™ components, lights and readily replaceable camera modules. Special end modules provide a smooth ground transition, or connect to the LineBacker™ cable management system.
An easy-to-use integrated unit within the security facility controls the cameras and AirWash™ lens cleaning system. The control system features an open architecture software for easy integration with existing security installations. With continual system enhancements, the Und-Aware™ line of products are always the best in Vehicle Inspection Technologies.

VITS 500 software is now integrated with the 500 series of Und-Aware™ product line. Touch screen option, biometrics integration, data warehousing, data mining and customized reports are now available options. The system is now geared to significantly enhance safety and perceived security. A total solution in one package!
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