Fingerprint Taking & Recording

Fingerprinting Card Holders

SIRCHIE Multi-Mount Injection Molded Cardholder
SIRCHIE®'s totally new cardholder has been completely redesigned. The FPT263 features space-age, rock-solid injection molded materials designed for long life, easy use and exceptional service. Our new design features multi-mounting: fasten it to a wood or metal surface using screws, or use the magnetic strips for mounting to a steel cabinet. For portable, desktop use, non-slip rubber feet are supplied. The moveable card retainer secures it in place with a positive, snap-lock feature and it has an integral hinge assembly for a lifetime of usage.
Part Number: SIR-FPT263
Price: $38-50
SIRCHIE® Duplex 2 Cardholder
The SEARCH® Duplex Fingerprint Cardholders are an ideal choice when multiple fingerprint records are required. Cardholders are permanently mounted on a platinum, vinyl-clad aluminum base. Each base features predrilled integral mounting brackets.
Part Number: SIR-FPT264A
Price: $77-00

Fingerprint Rollers & Slabs

SIRCHIE Unified Fingerprint Ink Rollers
SIRCHIE®'s Unified Fingerprint Ink Rollers are effective and economical. Available in a 2", 3", and 4" version, the unified roller features a one-piece design that ensures the integrity of the complete roller assembly. The design also prevents the roller from touching the inking table when not in use. The rugged, aluminum handle and rubber grip area allow for operator comfort as well as control. The unit's medium-soft, high-density rubber roller element will withstand repeated cleaning with harsh solvents."
Part Number: SIR-FPR200 (2")
Price: $19-00
Part Number: SIR-FPR300 (3")
Price: $22-00
Part Number: SIR-FPR400 (4")
Price: $26-00
SIRCHIE Stainless Steel Inking Slabs
These high-quality, super-smooth inking slabs provide optimum versatility and portability. Two polished stainless steel versions are available. The FPT258 and FPT260 stainless steel inking slabs feature predrilled mounting holes. A glass slab is also available but is not recommended for Officer safety reasons.
Part Number: SIR-FPT258 (10.2 x 25.4 cm)
Price: $27-50
Part Number: SIR-FPT260 (12.7 x 30.5 cm)
Price: $33-00
LIGHTNING Fingerprint Rollers
Constructed specifically for use in taking rolled fingerprints, the our standard fingerprint roller has a heavy-duty steel frame, and a firm wooden handle. The 4" roller is of medium-soft composition, ensuring an even distribution of ink. Our economy ink roller is made of a high-grade plastic and has a slightly smaller roller than the standard fingerprint roller. Use with our PerfectPrint® Ink for a fast, efficient and clean fingerprintint outfit. Using the ink roller, push and roll the ink over the slab until a smooth, thin layer of ink is formed. Then, begin rolling the fingers in the ink. Repeated cleaning with solvents will not damage this roller. Replacement rollers, including new end caps, are available. Repeated cleanings with solvents will not damage either roller.
Part Number: LTN-20015 (Wood handle)
Price: $39-90
Part Number: LTN-20017
Price: $22-00
This 5" x 10" unbreakable, stainless steel inking slab is sturdy and hard to scratch. It is easy to clean and keeps the ink smooth. Because it is unbreakable, this steel slab is recommened for use in jails or other areas where criminals are being fingerprinted. The Steel Slab has a plastic protective sheet to protect the slab from scratches and dents. Before fingerprinting, this sheet needs to be removed.
Part Number: LTN-20035
Price: $40-00

Fingerprint Inking

Disposable Inked Strips feature a thin layer of SIRCHIE®'s famous fingerprint ink sandwiched between two thin sheets of plastic. The ink strips produce excellent fingerprint images. Available in sizes 3"x10" which separate to give 400 strips and 6"x10" which give 200 strips.
Part Number: SIR-SIS3104 (3"x10")
Price: $253-00
Part Number: SIR-SIS6102 (6"x10")
Price: $253-00
SIRCHIE PrintMatic Impeccable Ceramic Pocket Fingerprint Pads
The EZID100 and EZID200 have the same quality features as the full-sized ceramic pad but are pocket-sized for maximum portability and convenience. Perfect for use in the field or office.
Part Number: SIR-EZID100 (1 5/8" dia)
Price: $22-00
Part Number: SIR-EZID200 (2" Dia)
SIRCHIE PrintMatic Impeccable Ceramic Pocket Fingerprint Pad 73 x 140 x 25 mm
It is well known that the leading cause of poor impressions is over-inking of the fingers. The PRINTMATIC™ Impeccable Ceramic Fingerprint Pad is an ink pad system which is able to compensate for poor technique and uncooperative subjects by not only controlling the amount of ink on the pad surface but by eliminating the effects of overpressure. Through the use of a micro-pore space-age ceramic, PRINTMATIC™ Impeccable Ceramic Fingerprint Pads draw ink to the surface by capillary action. EZID ink is a stainfree, high-contrast, instant-drying, permanent ink.
Part Number: SIR-EZID300
Price: $132-00
SIRCHIE® Fingerprint Ink
Specially formulated for fingerprint work only, this densely-black ink is free flowing, easily rolled and dries quickly on paper-but will remain soft and usable on a slab for days. This ink is not adversely affected by extreme temperature changes. It is used by large and small identification departments throughout the world.
Part Number: SIR-230T (2oz)
Price: $15-40
Part Number: SIR-231T (4oz)
Price: $14-00
LIGHTNING Fingerprint Ink
Using ink to roll fingerprints is very economical. One tube of ink will produce many hundreds of rolled fingerprints. Hand cleaner, such as Gritzª or Ink Remover Towelettes are required to remove the residue from the hands. Our fingerprint ink is a specially blended paste-type ink for use with slabs, rollers and the Printmaster® Fingerprint Inker. Quick-drying on the card, but not on the slab, it is waterproof, permanent, nontoxic and fireproof. It will not deteriorate rubber rollers. Squeeze a little on the slab and roll the Fingerprint Ink Roller through it, over and over, until a smooth, thin layer is formed. Roll the fingers in the ink and then roll them on a fingerprint card.
Part Number: LTN-20010 (2oz)
Price: $21-45
Part Number: LTN-20012S (4oz)
Price: $27-05

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