Stinger Stun Guns

Stinger S-400 Stun Gun


***Restricted to Law Enforcement, Correctional and Military Organisations.***

The Stinger S-400 Stun Gun is an electro-stun device that utilizes self-contained, charged cartridges to shoot either two or four darts at targets up to 22 feet away. A range of 31 feet is attainable with specialized extended range cartridges. Because the Stinger S-400™ is a four dart system, target attainment is more likely than a two dart gun. Organizations like police departments, corrections, and tactical teams may desire a product with greater target attainment capabilities but would be somewhat larger than a traditional duty belt projectile stun weapon like the Stinger S-200™.

The Stinger S-400™ has a patented firing process that allows a more consistent dart spread than a traditional two dart system. The user simply loads one or two cartridges into the gun, aims the laser guide at the intended target and pulls the trigger. The charge accurately propels darts connected to the gun by thin, insulated wires, and upon contact a pulsed electrical current is passed through the subject. The electrical charge temporarily impairs the subject's ability to control muscles dropping the subject to the ground and rendering him/her harmless to the user, surrounding people, and themselves.


Stinger Systems considers these features to be an advantage as the primary target market for the weapon is law enforcement agencies, professional security organizations and the military that are already intimately familiar with use of handgun type weapons


Factory certified Operator and Instructor Courses are available.






Stinger S-200 Stun Gun


***Restricted to Law Enforcement, Correctional and Military Organisations.***

The Stinger S-200 Stun Gun is a revolutionary new electronic projectile stun device. Stinger Systems surveyed many individuals from the law enforcement community to create a state-of-the-art product that incorporated useful strategic features yet feels and looks like a tactical weapon not a toy.

Features include an ambidextrous button to release the cartridge, much like a typical firearm. this will allow an officer to quickly reload without putting their hand in front of a live weapon. Other features include off-the-shelf batteries, a manual trigger which allows an officer to control a situation rather than wait 5 seconds even if the subject complies immediately (this also may reduce the litigation risk), a recessed bolt safety which cannot possibly break off.


Other great features that were on an officer's "wish list" include a recessed cartridge so they would be protected from falling off in a holster, a fight, or from vibration from motorcycles. Unlike the Taser®, the Stinger S-200™ does not require a boot up time when a unit has not been used recently. Obviously, a three second boot time to an officer is vital when a target is less than 21 feet away.

Size of course was vital, so Stinger Systems™, made sure that the barrel height of the S-200™ was roughly equivalent to the Taser® X26.

Aside from incorporating the features the law enforcement community wanted, Stinger Systems™ is focused on officer and public safety. The Company engaged Wayne State University, a premier university in the bio-electric research field, to study Stinger's circuit extensively. Cardio, pulmonary, brain-wave, and lactic acid levels were measured. Results indicated that the Stinger's circuit did not appear to cause any physical damage.

A feature-full, safety-conscious product also comes with a one year guarantee and is priced significantly less than the Taser® X26.


Factory certified Operator and Amourer Courses are available.


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