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Hydrastorm Gas Mask Adaptor Kit


HydraStorm GMAK - Antimicrobial
The Blackhawk Hydrastorm GMAK is a true gas mask adaptor kit for the professional. the fittings each feature military configuration sealing valves to prevent ingress of contamination into your water supply and your mask. The valves open only when the mating parts are correctly aligned and pressed together. When disconnected, your water supply remains protected. The tube on the bite valve adaptor is supplied, otherwise the integral valves block off flow for full flexibility use. the materials and/or components selected for the GMAK are all in service with the US and Canadian Forces for handling potable water. The interface geometry for the transfer of water from the hHydrastorm reservior to the user's protective mask is the same as that used in the US and Canadian military NBC systems. Tested in OC/CD/CN environments. Easy screw on/off to Hydrastorm reserviors. Universal adaptor for NATO standard gas mask drinking tube. Fits the M40, C4, S10, Millennium and others. Bite ME Bite Valve included. Additional tube shut off for use when connected to a mask. NyTaneon tube cover to prevent excess exposure.

WARNING: Since no lethal agent testing had been conducted, the system is not warrantied against lethal agent. The system has been tested with Hydrastorm systems and even though it may fit another manufacturer's tubes and bladders, the others may not provide protection against OC/CS/CN penetration through the tube or bladder. Regular cleaning is required to avoid bacteria or mold growing in the system.


Part Number: BHI-2590
Price: $77-00

Part Number: BHI-2591 (Avon mask fitting)
Price: $15-00



Hydrastorm Parts & Accessories


BlackHawk HydraStorm 3 Litre OEM Replacement Reservoir

Replacement or spare 3 litre resevoirs are available in a variety of configurations from a reservior with a fill cap to a complete reservior with delivery tube, insulated cover and bite-valve, all with Microban anitmicrobial technology.


Part Number:

BHI-2589 (Reservior with black cap only)
Price: $55-00

BHI-672556 (Reservior with cap, insulated hose and bite valve)
Price: $44-00

Colours: Black-BK, Olive Drab-OD, Coyote Tan-CT, Folage Green-FG.

HydraStorm Bite-me Bite Valve
Blackhawk Hydrastorm bite valve is one of the most popular on the market. 360 degree bit makes hydration easier. Excellent flow rate. Easy, ergonomic On/Off lever.


Part Number:BHI-2553
Price: $16-50

BlackHawk HydraStorm Bite Valve Protection System
Protect your bite valve from the environment and keep it secure and convenient at the same time. Blackhawks bite valve cover comes with a universal clip that allows you to keep the bite valve out of your way when not in use. Will attach to MOLLE or pack straps. Can be used as a free hanging cover as well.


Part Numbers:


Price: $15-00

HydraStorm Reservoir Brush Cleaning Kit
This is a complete cleaning kit for Hydrastorm reservior and tube. The reservior brush cleans all sizes. Just insert in top filling port, scrub and rinse.


Part Number: BHI-2457
Price: $27-20

HydraStorm Neoprene Insulated Tube Cover w/AM Tube
Includes insulated cover, drink tube and quick disconnect fittings. Designed to be tight fitting to provide excellent thermal insulation. Does not include bite valve assembly.

Part Numbers:

BHI-2558 (Black)
BHI-2559 (Olive Drab)
BHI-2560 (Coyote Tan)
BHI-2561 (Foliage Green)

Price: $15-00

HydraStorm Quick Disconnect Conversion Kit
Blackhawk Hydrastorm Quick Disconnect Kit ads versatility to your hydration system. Fill your reservior through the drink tube while it is still in your pack. Kit includes a female tube insert, a quick disconnect bite valve and a quick disconnect fill valve.


Part Number: BHI-67QK0000
Price: $22-00

Fill Port Replacement Cap - Tan
Switching your reservior to a different colour pack? these caps will fit any Hydrastorm Reservior whether it is an internal or external fill port. three colours are available to match all camo patterns.


Part Numbers:

BHI-2562BK (Black)
BHI-2562OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-2562DE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $9-90

HydraStorm Inline Filter
This filter uses a 4 Phase Filtration System that contains multiple filters and proprietory medias to give the greatest reduction of the four zones of contamination : Aeshetics, Biologics, Chemocals and Dissolved Solids,

These Include:
-Offensive tastes, odor, chlorine, silt and sediment.
-Micro biologic pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and other cysts and spores.
-Chemical industrial volitile compounds, detergents, pesticides, DDT, etc.
-Dissolved solids and heavy metals such as aluminium, asbestos, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury and more.


Part Number: BHI-67WF00BK
Price: $55-00


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