Leather/Nylon Belts & Accessories

Leather Duty Belts

These belts are all handmade Australian products. They use only the finest leather and are the ideal choice for the uniformed Security or Law enforcement Officer. They are supplied to the NSW Corrective Services as standard issue and are identical to the Police issue only less expensive. Inner belts are also available, and keepers in sets of four. Buckleless models available on request. Belts come standard in basketweave but plain can be made to order.
Duty Belt Part Number: BSL-DB(waist size)
Price: $100-00
Inner Belt Part Number: BSL-IB(wasit size)
Price: $44-00
Belt Keeper Part Number: BSL-BKD
Price: $18-00 (set of 4 only)

Leather Duty Belts Accessories

Our range of duty belts can be complimented by our range of accessories to carry various pieces of equipment. Handcuff pouches, magazine carriers, O.C. carriers, baton and torch rings and metal detector carriers. All come with chrome snap closures.
Description and Part Numbers:
Handcuff Pouch to suit Saflok MkIV and MkV
Part Number: BSL-HC
Price: $44-00
Single Magazine Pouch
Part Number: BSL-SM
Price: $44-00
Double Magazine Pouch
Part Number: BSL-DM
Price: $55-00
OC Pouch - Mark 3 Canister
Part Number: BSL-OC3
Price: $44-00
Baton/C Cell Torch Ring
Part Number: BSL-CBH
Price: $18-00
D Cell Torch Ring
Part Number: BSL-DFH
Price: $16-00

Leather Baton Carriers

We stock a complete range of leather basketweave baton carriers for most types of expandable batons from 16" to 26". They are open bottom style and will accomodate Monadnock, ASP & PPCT type expandable batons. Current issue to NSW Police and Corrective Services. Available in plain upon request. Sizes available include 16", 21", 22", 24" & 26" and also all Monadnock Power Safety Tip batons.
Part Number: BSL-X(baton length)
Price: $44-00

Nylon Duty Belt Level I & II Security

Our range of nylon duty gear feature the highest quality and strength combined with an excellent finish. These lightweight and fully adjustable duty belts feature a rigid centre to ensure the belt doesn't crumple and maintain retention of your equipment and the DELUXE has a double locking buckle that prevents the belt being undone without your control. Available in sizes ranging from from medium to 2X Large.
Standard Belts
JMI-20101-3 (Large)
JMI-20101-4 (X-Large)
JMI-20102 (Medium)
Price: $45-00
Deluxe Belts
JMI-20112 (Medium)
Price: $50-00
JMI-20115 (XX-Large)
Price: $55-00

Nylon Duty Belt Keepers & Rings

We stock a full range of WARRIOR heavy duty nylon keepers. Keepers are supplied in sets of four or a single keeper with a handcuff key attached. They resist fading or stretching and secure your duty belt to your inner belt.
Keepers (set of 4) JMI-3211
Price: $15-00
Keeper with Key JMI-3210
Price: $12-00
Torch/baton rings are also available.
C cell torch/baton ring JMI-3212-0
D cell torch ring JMI-3212-1

Nylon Duty Belt Accessories

All the accessories you need to be "Equipped to Succeed". All items are made from hard wearing 600 Denier nylon and feature dual hook and loop and press stud belt retention, some also have a fixed belt loop included.
Radio Carrier JMI-3132
Price $40-00
Silent Key Holder JMI-3151
Magazine Pouch Single JMI-31100
Price: $30-00
Magazine Pouch Double JMI-30800
Price: $40-00
OC Pouch - Mark 3 JMI-31112 - Mark 4 JMI-31113
Price: $25-00

Nylon Baton Carriers

We stock an open top style of baton carrier. We recommend the open style to facilitate quick drawing of the baton in an emergency. This style can also be used to carry a small tactical type torch like a Surefire or Stinger. Our baton carriers have both a belt loop attachment and a hook and loop plus press stud attachment to allow quick removal of the carrier for plainclothes work without having to strip your entire belt. A velcro flap version is also available for 21" batons. When ordering specify baton size.

Part Number: JMI-3220- 1 (16") 2 (21") 3 (26")
Price: $25-00

Tactical Belts

A range of cordura/nylon duty and special purpose belts is available from the Blackhawk range. These include Universal BDU, military web and pants belts as well as the versatile and very popular CQB/Emergency rescue Rigger belt. Belt pads and extenders are also available.
BDU Belt BHI-41UB01BK Price: $22-00
Web Belt BHI-41WB02BK Price: $33-00
Pants Belt BHI-41DP44BK Price: $27-50
CQB Belt BHI-41CQ01BK Price: $60-00

Professional Comfort System

All law enfocrement professionals have experienced and confronted the issues that are common when wearing a duty belt. The 2 inch duty belt platform has traditionally been around for ever, and was never intended to carry the weight that law enforcement requires it to carry today. As a result, the health issues associated with it, nerve damage, back and leg pain, numbness, have made the life of many people almost unbearable.
The Professional Comfort System is a long overdue, common sense solution to this problem designed by a Police Officer who has been through it. The System better distributes weight carried on the belt across the back and hips and greatly reduces compression of the lateral feroral coetaneous nerves. It provides lumbar support with a removeable/adjustable pad and protects the body from hard accessories on the belt when landed on. Specifically designed to hold your duty gear in place, preventing it from sliding and being displaced, the System also prevents problems associated with suspenders/harnesses.
The Professional Comfort System consists of a duty belt: 1050 Ballistic Weave Duty Belt, Basketweave Duty Belt or Sam Browne Duty Belt, an Extended Duty System Support Panel (includes lumbar support and two 3" panel keepers) and get an Xd Inner Duty Belt. Tactical Design Labs seeks to take real-world, field-driven product performance and safety requirements, and from this benchmark, design innovative new products that surpass the performance and functionality of currently available products, while still meeting the demand for the traditional styling of duty gear.
Available in sizes Small to 3X-Large.
Part Number: TDL-TSS/(size) Price: $220-00

Blackhawk Law Enforcement Range

Blackhawk Law Enforcement Duty Range
Only Blackhawk has combined the crisp professional look of molded nylon with the superior abrasion resistance of Cordura Nylon. You always had to settle for one or the other. Now you can have both.
Abrasion is the main enemy of duty gear and regular nylon just doesn't hold up. Cordura nylon has superior resistance to abrasion, but has always been easy to crush and hasn't always maintained its shape. Blackhawk has found a way to mold Cordura nylon so that you get the great molded look with the toughness of Cordura.
This special Cordura Ballistic weave nylon will look great day after day. It won't crumple or collapse when you take your baton or cuffs out and it won't get wrinkled from you simply using it in the real world.
Blackhawk also use a proprietory 5 layer laminate that is tougher than anything else out there. Instead of the usual 3 or 4 layer laminate, they have added an extra reinforcing layer that strengthens without adding bulk. This way you get the strongest, best looking molded duty gear on the market and it will stay that way tour after tour.
Description and Part Numbers:
Trouser Belt. Molded nylon loop will not fray belt loops or trousers. Available in sizes small to X-large.
Part Number: BHI-44B1(size)BK
Price: $33-00
Duty Belt. Ergonomically designed with padded edges. Nylon loop backing mates with Trouser belt. Available in sizes small to X-large.
Part Number: BHI-44B2(size)BK
Price: $55-00
Belt Keepers. Set of 4 molded belt keepers will not stretch or fray. Stabilizes and secures duty belt even during violent activity.
Part Number: BHI-44B300BK
Price: $22-00
Double Magazine Pouch. Fits most metal or polymer double stack 9mm and 40S&W cal magazines.
Part Number: BHI-44A001BK
Price: $50-00
Handcuff Pouch. Dual snap design allows for almost all handcuff styles and designs including SafLok MkIV.
Part Number: BHI-44A100BK
Price: $40-00
Flashlight Pouch. Fits the Surefire 6P, G2 and Streamlight Scorpion and Strion and similar flashlights.
Part Number: BHI-44A200BK
Price: $33-00
Latex Glove Pouch. Holds two pair of latex gloves or a standard size pager.
Part Number: BHI-44A300BK
Price: $25-00
Radio Carrier. Fits standard Motorola radios. Swivel belt loop allows removal of radio carrier without unfastening belt.
Part Number: BHI-44A400BK
Price: $55-00
OC Canister Pouch. Holds the standard Mk3 size chemical agent canister.
Part Number: BHI-44A500BK
Price: $33-00
Expandable Baton Pouch. Holds 21" to 26" expandable batons. Hole in the back allows insertion of open baton.
Part Number: BHI-44A700BK
Price: $27-50

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