Instant Armour & Tactical Shields

Instant Armour Tactical Blanket

This revolutionary Tactical Blanket can be field deployed in numerous ways. Whilst it does not replace the ballistic shield, it is a versatile option that can be adapted to most tactical situations. The blanket, when stored in the boot of a vehilce is only 38x130x15cm. The standard model weighs only 25kg and is rated at NIJ Level IIIA. It can provide you with a tactical advantage whether in high risk building approach and entry, room clearance, or in moving to a position of tactical advantage. It produces nearly 3 metres of coverage for your entire Team.

The Tactical Blanket can be attached via suction cups to a vehicle to provide temporary armour to allow the vehicle to recover injured officers, civilians or emergency teams whilst they provide life saving treatment prior to moving the patient. It will provide you with overhead protection when approaching multi-storey buildings not only from fire, but from stones, bottles, bricks, rocks, etc. Another unique feature of the Tactical Blanket is that it can be separated into 8 individual shields by separating the velcro hinges in a matter of seconds. This means that each vehicle in your command can have a shield in the trunk, and as the vehicles respond to a crisis they can be assembled into one Tactical Blanket or Officers can use the shield for individual protection. This divide and conquor ability is unique to Instant Armor.

A full range of accessories can be added to the Tactical Blanket to enable it to be lowered from a building to cover windows during an approach and therefore prevent view and fire from an offender. It can be attached to a set of alloy poles and raised to cover bus windows during a bus assault. A full range of carrycases, accessories and means of attachment are available on request.

Protech NATO 1, 2 & 3

All NATO ballistic shields are rated to NIJ Level III protection. They are rectangular in shape and curved to fit the body. The shields are free-standing and allow the officer to reload or render assistance to a downed officer. Each shield is fitted with a laminated ballistic polycarbonate view port that will not craze when hit. This viewport is curved and allows excellent peripheral vision. The NATO III comes complete with a wheel assembly as standard equipment. NATO I & II shields come with a comfortable harnesss and carry handle which has a quick release feature.
Restricted to Law Enforcement and Military Organisations.

Protech Entry One and Two or Defender Ballistic Shields

This range of shields are rated to NIJ Threat Level IIIA. The shields are made of penetration resistant, energy dispersing ballistic spectra plate covered with a lightweight metal alloy. All shields are equipped with ambidextrous handles. The shields fitted with a lower standoff bar to prevent body contact. The ballistic polycarbonate view port has a unique four layer, free-floating sandwich lens that will not craze when hit. Each shield is finished in a tactical non-glare matt black finish. Custom lettering is available.

Restricted to Law Enforcement and Military organisations.

High Intensity Lights for Ballistic Shields

The H.I.L. provides 80,000 candlepower of light for 30 minutes. The light is equipped with a pressure switch that is attached to the handle of the shield. There is also a safety backup switch on the body of the light to prevent accidental use during assault preparation or approach. The battery pack can be attached to the shield or to the belt as required.

Restricted to Law Enforcement and Military Organisations only. PRO_ENT1_1.jpg

Protech Intruder Ballistic Shield

The Intruder Ballistic Shield features a new enlarged curved view port that significantly increases forward and peripheral vision capabilities. It will withstand multiple hits. The strike face and back face are formed from a single piece of thermal plastic to produce greater durability. The new handles eliminate any weak spots that may be found in other shields. This 50x86cm NIJ Level IIIA shield provides ample protection in most tactical situations. The Intruder comes with dual optional Tactical Lighting System or a mega view port (10x38cm).

Restricted to Law Enforcement and Military Organisations only.


At ± 12 Kilos per panel, the TAC III+ is designed to defeat such rounds as the 7.62mm NATO and the Soviet 7.62x39mm and since it is not constructed of ceramic armor, multiple hit protection is provided .

The softcase storage system is fully adjustable to accommodate one to four armored panels. The TAC III+ softcase system is equipped with pockets to store four suction cups and straps, eight loop or hook straps, two sets of pole pockets, and 2 sets of aluminum extension poles. All of the equipment designed for the original Tactical Blanket™ is 100% compatible with the all new TAC III+.

The TAC III+ is an ideal solution for Tactical Law Enforcement, NATO forces, and Military. Please contact us for more information on the new TAC III+ and the original Tactical Blanket™.

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