Firearms Loading/Unloading Facitlities

Weapon Clear


  • Our pistol model allows the mounting of the unit either on desktop or wall mounted thus providing a compact solution to weapon clearance while giving a level of user safety over the complete range of pistol calibres

This model has been independently tested to safely contain all pistol and carbine rounds.


Pistol front view Pistol side view

Weight: 10kg
Height: 270mm Width: 150mm Depth: 350mm


Test Results - 28 Rounds in Total





  • With our lightweight freestanding rifle model allows its location where is most convenient.
  • A fold down model as shown below is available to special order

This model has been independently tested to safely contain all pistol and rifle rounds up to .50 BMG AP


Rifle erect Rifle closed Rifle side view

Weight: 28kg
Height: 760mm Width: 230mm Depth: 650mm

Test Results - 48 Rounds in Total





With the ever increasing number of situations where firearms officers are having to deal with a wide range of sometimes unfamiliar weapons captured from criminals we have developed a clearance system to allow the making safe of these weapons.

This model which is designed to be vehicle mounted, its small compact dimensions allow for it to be carried in the boot of a vehicle, and will allow the safe clearance of all weapons from modified blank firing weapons thru all pistol calibres up to 50cal AP rifle.


Emergency-Clear left side view Emergency-Clear left angled view Emergency-Clear right angled view Emergency-Clear right side view

Height: 400mm Width: 150mm Depth: 330mm

Test Results - Emergency-Clear
Wilshire Ballistic Services
New model for each test
New model for each test
Cranfield University
New model for each test




  • Transit-Clear has been developed to allow the safe transportation of all pistols and rifles irrespective of their loaded status - this allows the retention of forensic evidence




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