Barrier Tape & Photo Markers

Crime/Accident Photo Markers


Sirchie Photo Locator Cones
These multi-purpose cones are made of bright orange/red polyethylene plastic and are 9" (22.86cm) high. Cones may be used at crime scenes as evidence markers or for traffic control. Printed with black numerals 1-8 and 9-16.


Part Number: SIR-CSTC18V (1-8)
Price: $66-00

Part Number: SIR-CSTC916V (9-16)
Price: $77-00


These are numbered signs for use at crime or accident scenes to indicate the location of relevant evidence. Available in aluminium or plastic(add V).


Part Number: SIR-PEN15 (1-15)
Price: $121-00 (aluminium) $77-00 (plastic)

Part Number: SIR-PEN1650 (16-50)
Price: $286-00 (aluminium) $165-00 (plastic)

Part Number: SIR-PEN5199 (51 -99)
Price: $400-00 (aluminium) $220-00 (plastic)

Part Number: SIR-PEA26 (A-Z)
Price: $242-00 (aluminium) $110-00 Plastic


Use these orientation indicators in combination with the letter and number indicators. They also may be used above as focus pointers of exceptional evidence items. Each set consists of 4 "UP" indicators, 4 "DOWN" indicators, 4 "LEFT/RIGHT" indicators and one "NORTH" indicator. Available in aluminium or plastic (add V).


Part Number: SIR-PDN17
Price: $143-00 (aluminium) $60-00 (plastic)


LIGHTNING Photo evidence numbers are used in crime scene photographs to indicate where each piece of evidence is found. Usually two photographs are taken of each scene: one with photo evidence numbers and one without. The markers are 7 1/4" x 4 1/2" heavy yellow plastic with a matte finish and black numbers. The A-frame style allows the numbers to nest for compact storage, with ridges on the edge of each marker to ensure that the numbers will not rub off when nested or stacked. The small numbers in the corner are for close-up photography purposes.


Part Number: LTN-68000 (1-15)
Price: $88-00

Part Number: LTN-68001 (16-50)
Price: $216-20

Part Number: LTN-68002 (51-99)
Price: $341-00


Lightning Alphabet markers are sometimes used in combination with numbers or in a corner of the scene to indicate photographic sequence. Some agencies use letters instead of numbers for the actual scene photograph. These are the same yellow color and material as above, but with letters instead of numbers. These also have small letters in the corner for close-up purposes.


Part Number: LTN-68026
Price: $121-00


Lightning arrow Indicators can be used alone or in combination with numbers or letters to indicate direction or to call attention to some element in a scene. The North Indicator is especially useful to orient outdoor scenes. These markers match our Photo Evidence Numbers & Letters.


Part Number: LTN-68030 (Up arrow)

Part Number: LTN-68031 (Down arrow)

Part Number: LTN-68032 (Right/Left arrow)

Part Number: LTN-63034 (North indicator)

Price: $11-00 each







Barrier Tape


Lightning Barrier Tapes
During a major incident in your jurisdiction, the last thing you need is an unruly crowd or unprotected crime scene or biohazard incident. Our barrier tape is three inches wide and 1000 feet long with black letters printed on 4 mil polyethylene. All rolls are bright yellow in color, except the "Caution: Biohazard" barrier tape, which is orange-red. Each roll comes in a heavy-duty cardboard dispenser box for storage and ease in handling.


Part Number: LTN-35001

Part Number: LTN-35002

Part Number: LTN-35003

Part Number: LTN-35006

Part Number: LTN-35009

Price: $48-00

Part Number: LTN-35520

Price: $55-00



Absolutely essential at the outset of any investigation is the securing of the integrity of the crime scene. All too often, investigators arrive at the scene to find the original condition disturbed by family members or bystanders whose often zealous attempts to be helpful destroy valuable evidential items. Each emergency scene is unique, but each has one requirement in common-CONTROL. Establish and maintain tight control over emergency scene perimeters quickly and efficiently with this brilliant yellow warning tape. Simply tie one end of the tape around a fixed item, walk around the scene's perimeter and tie it off where desired. The tape is available in six formats to accommodate virtually any situation. Eye-catching black lettering is printed on brilliant yellow polyethylene. The tape is three inches (7 1/2 cm) wide by 1,000 feet (300 m) long. The warning repeats every 31 inches. A dispenser box is furnished with each roll.


Part Number: SIR-BT100

Part Number: SIR-BT200

Part Number: SIR-BT300

Part Number: SIR-BT400

Part Number: SIR-BT500

Part Number: SIR-BT600

Price: $39-60


Retro-Reflective Barrier Tape can be used in the same situations as SIRCHIE®'s standard barrier tape but has the added feature of reflective stripes inherent in the tape itself, making it perfectly visible at night, in bad weather conditions or in any situation of low visibility. The duration of the reflection properties will remain unchanged even after long periods of exposure to atomospheric agents. The Retro-Reflective Barrier Tape measures 3" wide x 820' long. A dispenser box is furnished with each roll.




Part Number: SIR-BTR100

Part Number: SIR-BTR200

Price: $48-40




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