Bloodstain ID

Blood Detection Reagents


HEMIDENT (McPhail's Reagent)
Used for the presumptive identification of bloodstains. Hemident is non-destructive and enables the investigator to retain the evidence intact for further laboratory analysis. Each test is a compact, self contained unit, consisting of two ampules of prescibed reagent within a disposable plastic tube. The reagents are reliable and sensitive, capable of identifying one part per million of blood. Hemident was designed for field use and, as such, will not distinguish between human and animal blood. Laboratory serology analysis is necessary to determine whether the source was human or animal. McPhail's reagent produces a blue/green colour.


Part Number: ODV-7812
Price: $44-00


Luminol is a chemiluminescent substance that can be used as a presumptive test for the presence of blood. Making use of the peroxidase-like activity of the heme portion of hemoglobin, Luminol produces a bluishwhite light that can be viewed in total darkness. Invisible blood stains react with the Luminol reagent by luminescing-darkness is essential. It can also be photographed or videotaped with the aid of the SIRCHIE® KRIMESITE™ IMAGER. A very useful test for searching large areas for blood especially if the area has been cleaned up. Sensitivity:1:5,000,000.


Part Number: SIR-LUMINOL16



This is a field blood test kit combining the three most efficient and effective reagents. The kit features Luminol, Leucomalachite and Phenolphthalein packaged in DISCHAPS™ (disposable chemical applicators). This complete kit includes four DISCHAPS™ of each reagent, distilled water and contact test paper. Instructions and a color chart are mounted permanently in the kit.



Part Number: SIR-DCB400
Price: $165-00


In most violent crimes, a profusion of blood is usually a result. Blood prints can be found on the weapon, floor, furniture and victim. In many instances, blood prints are not visible due to background color or the weakness of the blood print itself. To render these latent blood prints visible, the BT001 offers an extremely sensitive method for detection and development of bloody prints on surfaces like plastic, wood, coated papers, metal and glass. Latent blood prints developed through the utilization of these reagents are very clear and chemically stable.


Part Number: SIR-BT001
Price: $235-00



This kit contains all the essential equipment for blood testing in any field investigation situation. It has the advantage that all the reagents are furnished in pre-measured quantities in the solid state and sealed in glass ampoules. This method of packaging permits the mixing of reagents in the field without measuring to give optimum concentration and sensitivity. All the necessary support equipment is included. The kit and accessory equipment are also suitable for laboratory use. Through the use of this kit, the field investigator can presumptively identify the presence or absence of blood.


Part Number: SIR-MBT288
Price: $350-00


Swab Dryer and Swabs


Swab Dryer with Rack & Timer
With the advent of newer, faster, more precise DNA testing, collecting evidence such as blood and body fluids from crime scenes has become even more important than before. This evidence must be collected properly for accurate test results. If the blood stain is damp, dab one sterile cotton swab on the stain. If the stain is dry, wet the swab with distilled water and dab on the stain. Wet a second swab with distilled water and swab the background surface near the stain without touching the stain. the second swab is used to determine if any contaminants may be on the background. At the end of the collection process, also wet two swabs with distilled water only. This is a control sample to show that your distilled water did not contain any contaminants. Once you get them back to the office, you must dry the swabs before packaging. Here is a swab dryer, a case for carrying the swabs from the crimescene and packages of sterile cotton swabs. The rack inside holds 18 swabs at one time. There are non-skid feet on the bottom for placing the dryer on a counter and two key hole attachments on the back for mounting. A timer comes with the dryer so you are reminded to take the swabs out.

The Rack and carrycase are used to transport the swabs from the crimscene to your office in a clean container.


Part Number: LTN-33601 (240 volt)
Price: $1,120-00


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