Scales and Templates

Folding Scales

Description: These folding scales are a must when photographing evidence such as handprints, footprints, tire tracks and physiological fluid dispersion. When it is opened at a right angle, the scale verifies any departure of the camera from a true vertical or horizontal position. It is constructed of metal with precision Laser Engraved markings for a long life.
Part Number: SIR-EFR100
3-part Folding Scale
For those who use metric measurements, this Folding Scale is available in metric measurements on both sides. The bright yellow and black colors make photography easier. One side is used in the L-shape configuration to photograph shoe and tire impressions. Use the reverse side to photograph long or vertical surfaces. There is a hole in the top edge of the scale so it can be hung from a nail, if necessary.
Part Number: LTN-63835
Price: $55-00

Adhesive Photo Evidence Scales

Adhesive Scales
These 50mm scales are printed on flat white, trey or black adhesive backed paper with a peel-away backing. This style is also available on white paper with fluorescent ink. There are inch markings on one edge and metric markings along the opposite edge. These scales have non-permanent adhesive and can be easily removed from evidence without damage. Scales are packaged in quantities of 50 - individually cut.
Part Number: LTN-63848 (black)
Price: $17-80
Part Number: LTN-63849 (grey)
Price: $17-80
Part Number: LTN-63850 (white)
Price: $17-80
Bureau Scale Set
The "Bureau" scale set contains an L-shaped scale which is 30 cm on the long arm and 15 cm on the short arm, and a second straight scale which is 15 cm long. One side of each scale in the set is white with black printing and the other side is black with white printing. The L-shaped scale is rigid and is not hinged like some of our other scales.
Part Number: LTN-63880

Price: $30-00
ABFO No. 2 Photomacrographic Scale
The ABFO No. 2 Scale was designed by the American Board of Forensic Odontology. By meeting their specific criteria, we are allowed to produce this scale with the approval to use their name.
  • rigid, L-shaped piece of laminated plastic 1 mm thick
  • millimeter markings accurate to 0.1 mm or better
  • overall size is 105 mm x 105 mm (about 4" x 4")
  • gray areas have a reflectance value of approximately 18%
  • alternating black and white bars (1 cm) to permit measurements from grossly over- and underexposed photographs
Part Number: LTN-63875
Price: $15-00
A-Z, 0-9, Blanks w/ Scale & Arrows, 50 each
Description: If you're tired of flipping pages and sorting through stacks of photo ID markers, then our new Photo ID Marker kit is just what you need. These rugged, clear cases are divided into compartments that are ideal for organizing markers so they're ready when you need them- no more searching! Like our other photo numbers and scales, these photo ID markers feature a pressure-sensitive, non-permanent adhesive for easy removal from almost any surface. Identify, sequence and size many different types of physical evidence.
Part Number: SIR-PIM100
Price: $140-00
Description: The crime scene photographer's mission is reduced in complexity with SIRCHIEĀ®'s identifier booklets. Fingerprints, footprints, blood spatters, bullet holes and other physical evidence may be identified, sequenced and oriented. The booklets feature a pressure-sensitive, non-permanent adhesive which permits easy removal from almost any surface.
Part Number: SIR-PNBL100 (large numbers)
Price: $39-00
Part Number: SIR-PNBS100 (small numbers)
Price: $27-50
Part Number: SIR-PAB100 (small arrows)
Price: $27-50

Continuous Photo Evidence Scale

Continuous Tape Photo Evidence Scale
This adhesive photo evidence scale measures millimetres on one edge and inches on the other on a 1 inch x 30 foot roll with a repeating pattern every 12 inches. The adhesive is non-permanent so that you can apply the scales to automobiles, walls, windows etc., then remove it without damaging the evidence. this scale should be used on flat surfaces and not on rounded surfaces. A photograph will not show proper dimensions of the scale if placed on a rounded surface. A good surface for this adhesive scale would be a wall, the flat sides of a TV, door or window.
Part Number: LTN-63855
Price: $22-60
Photo Evidence Rule Tape w/Dispenser
Description: SIRCHIEĀ®'s photo evidence rule tape is ideal for unusual surface shapes. It may be applied to almost any surface and removes easily after evidence is photographed. Tape is printed in 1/16" and 1mm increments with a 12" and 30cm repeat. Tape is supplied in 500" rolls on a 1" core. Measurements are printed in black on white tape.
Part Number: SIR-601ED
Price: $24-20

Sketching Templates

A wide variety of templates are available for locations such as offices, lavatories, shops and boats. The most commonly used are listed below. Please contact us if you would like information on other templates.
Description: The human figure template may be used whenever the drawing of a male or female is required. It measures 8 1/2" x 11" and features holes on the top for placing in a three-ring binder. The scale is 1/4":1' and a scale ruler is included on the edge of the template. Figures are depicted in a variety of heights - with both a front and profile view. A diagram printed on the template illustrates how it is possible to reposition the template during drawing to produce realistic and informative diagrams.
Part Number: LTN-40101
Price: $35-75
Part Number: SIR-HFT1
Price: $39-97
Description: The SIRCHIEĀ® traffic template measures 6 1/4" x 3 1/2" and is designed to make drawings of traffic accidents simple and neat. The template enables the user to draw left turn bays; standard and compact autos, station wagons, pickups and vans; cycles; people; trees and ponds; animals; farm tractors; trucks and buses; intersections; fences, rivers and creeks; points of impact and railroad crossings; traffic symbols; and curves.
Part Number: SIR-TT1
Price: $38
Part Number: LTN-UT5301
Price: $23-20
Crime Scene Sketching Template
Using a template, almost any technician can complete a neat crime scene sketch quickly. If you have ever tried to draw a crime scene to scale or to indicate injuries, needle marks, tattoos or other identifying factors on a human figure, you know how hard it is.
This template shows a variety of furniture, such as chairs, couches, piano, beds and tables; and plumbing fixtures, such as toilets, sinks and bathtubs, common to households or businesses. It also has a few human figures on it. Use this template to draw the furnishings in your crime scene sketch. The results will be a professional looking sketch and it will save you a lot of time. The clear, green plastic template measures 8 1/2" x 11" and has holes in it for storage in a three ring binder. Most of the template is .1/4" = 1' scale with a small section being 1/10" = 1' scale.
Part Number: LTN-40100
Price: $27-50
Part Number: SIR-CST1
Price: $30-60
Description: The latent print evidence template features many of the objects from which latent prints may be lifted. A ruler is printed on the top edge of the template. It is made of green buytryate plastic and measures 7 1/2" x 3 5/16". The items featured on this template are the perfect size for drawing on the No. LPW100 or No. LPB100 lifted print backing/sketch/record cards.
Part Number: SIR-LPET1
Price: $35-84

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