Chemical Fingerprint Development

Portable Fuming Chambers

This disposable fuming chamber features a simple 6-piece frame that snaps together in seconds into its sturdy 11 5/8" x 11 5/8" base, creating the framework for the preprinted disposable fuming bag. Fully assembled, the FR150 Insta-FumeTent™ creates a 10" x 10" x 20" box-shaped fuming area. Crystal-clear fuming bags allow constant monitoring of the fuming process and eliminate messy cleanup-simply throw the bag away when done!
Part Number: SIR-FR150
Price: $165-00
Part Number: SIR-FR150B (replacement fuming bags, pack 25)
Price: $48-40
The CNA990 portable fuming chamber is a cyanoacrylate development chamber designed with field use in mind. Constructed of shatter-resistant 1/4" Plexiglas™, the unit is made to disassemble into flat sheets and fit into a tough, nylon carrying case. Total portability means easy, at-thecrime- scene usage. The chamber is easily assembled in less than five minutes, no tools required. The chamber volume is approximately 16 gallons, sufficient for processing multiple items. Transparent walls mean easy monitoring of development. The chamber features an inlet compatible with the PUM1002 Portable Humidifier and SCW100 CYANO-WAND™, a removable inner shelf and multiple evidence hangers. The CNA900 portable fuming chamber kit includes a starter assortment of expendables, including THE FINDER™ cyanoacrylate packets, magnetic and regular latent print powders, a magnetic wand, and a Fiberglass brush.
Part Number: SIR-CNA990
Price: $390-00
Lightning Portable Fuming Chamber
Our portable fuming chamber has reinforced hinged joints. The unit is easily set up and taken down as the two sides are held securely together by Velcro®. The fuming chamber has a special port on one side to allow inserting a fuming wand or to attach an exhaust tube to vent fumes. The unit can be stored in the optional carrying case for easy transport.
  • weighs less than 10 lb.
  • external dimensions: 14" x 14" x 20 1/2"
  • internal dimensions: 12" x 12" x 19"
Part Number: LTN-14676
Price: $352-00

Sticky-side Powder

Lightning Sticky-Side Powder
Sticky Side Powder is an economical and effective product for developing latent prints on the adhesive side of tape. Sticky-side powder had been shown to develop clearer prints than other pruducts used on tape such as Crystal Violet.

Sticky-side powder is very easy to mix. Simply add the powder to equal amounts of water and photo flow and mix into a paste. the paste is then applied to the adhesive side of the tape with any standard camelhair brush and allowed to set for 10-15 seconds. It may be left on longer or rinsed off sooner if desired. It can also be reapplied if desired.

Shelf life of powder; indefinite if kept in a cool dry place.

Part Number: LTN-12722
Price: $57-25
Sticky-Side Powder Kit
This kit contains all the items necessary to mix and apply Sticky-Side Powder.

* 50g Sticky-side powder
* 1 camelhair brush
* Mixing Jar
* Mixing Spoon
* 473ml of Photo flow
* Dropper Bottle
* Mixing Instructions
Part Number: LTN-12723
Price: $220-00
Sirchie Adhesive side powders are excellent for developing latent prints on the adhesive side of tapes and labels, including duct tape, masking tape, plastic surgical tape, double-sided foam tape, clear plastic tape, reinforced package tape, adhesive bandages, packing labels and other light-colored adhesive surfaces. Select black or white powder for surface contrast and/or the fluorescent green powder for visualization under an alternate light source, an ultraviolet light or the BLUEMAXX™. Simple application when used with SIRCHIE®'s EZFLO solution (ASP51).
Part Number: SIR-ASP50D (dark) L (light) F (fluorescent)
Price: $48-40 (dark & light) $58-30 (fluorescent)
Part Number: SIR-ASP51 (EZFLO)
Price: $16-50
Part Number: SIR-TRA20 (Tape release agent)
Price: $22-00
This kit contains all the components necessary to develop latent prints on the adhesive surface of tapes, labels and similar surfaces. Adhesive-side powder yields excellent results on duct tape, plastic tapes (clear, frosted and opaque), paper labels and tapes (except those with water-activated adhesives), vinyl surgical tape (excellent fidelity but low contrast). SIRCHIE®'s ASP50L powder is ideal for vinyl or plastic black electrical tape. Use it with a ultraviolet lamp. The TRA20 adhesive tape release agent allows tangled tape to be released without damage to latent prints which may be present. Complete instructions are included. NOTE: The UV lamp is no longer included in the kit.
Part Number: SIR-ASP150
Price: $242-00

Ninhydrin Crystals & Sprays

SIRCHIE®'s Special Formula Ninhydrin Spray
Ideal for developing latent prints on paper because it virtually eliminates ink from running. Use it on currency, envelopes, magazines, books and other printed documents. The spray is nonflammable. **Additional freight charges are applicable.**
Part Number: SIR-NSI609
Price: $54-90
To prevent fading, use SIRCHIE®'s Ninhydrin Fixative to preserve latent prints developed with ninhydrin-after they've been photographed. Ninhydrin fixative not only preserves the developed prints, but in some cases it enhances and tints them. Ninhydrin fixative is supplied in an 8 oz. bottle with a controlled-application pump spray. ** Additional freight charges are applicable**
Part Number: SIR-NFS200
Price: $71-50
NINHYDRIN CRYSTALS are available in 25-gram, 100-gram and 500-gram jars for agencies that prefer to mix their own unique formulations. 1,2,3-TRIKETOHYDRINDENE HYDRATE CRYSTAL (NINHYDRIN) Sensitivity to Amino Acids ..... Color Pons Test Solubility in Water .................. Clear and Complete Loss on Drying at 105°C ........ Not More Than 11.0%
** Additional freight charges are applicable**
Part Number: SIR-NRP01A (25 gram)
Price: $85-03
Part Number: SIR-NRP02B (100 gram)
Price: $165-00
Part Number: SIR-NRP03C (500 gram)
Price: $561-00
Lightning Ninhydrin Crystals
Ninhydrin is one of the best and easiest methods for developing latent prints on paper, such as bad checks, robbery notes, drug pay-and-owe sheets, and threatening letters. Many latent print examiners use Ninhydrin exclusively on paper documents because it is effective and/or they do not have the proper setup and/or Forensic Light Source for using DFO.
Mixing Ninhydrin crystals is very economical, as little as 3.8 grams of crystals produce 2 liters of solution, and the shelf life is indefinite. The solution can be swabbed, sprayed, or dipped in solution for maximum saturation. Photograph the developed prints soon after they become visible. Avoid handling the treated document, as new latent prints may develop on the chemically-sensitive paper. Since the solvents are hazardous, this solution must be mixed and used in a fume hood.
**Additional freight charges are applicable**
Part Number: LTN-12715 (25 grams)
Price: $88-00
Part Number: LTN-12716 (100 grams)
Price: $235-00

DFO (1,8 Diazaflueren-9-One)

Lightning DFO Solution
DFO is responsive to the amino acids present in the body protein. Research has established that DFO will develop 2.5 to 3 times more latent prints on paper items than ninhydrin used alone. If used in sequence with ninhydrin, DFO must be used first to achieve fluorescence. Mix it yourself or use the pre-mixed solution. Dip the paper documents or spray them and allow them to dry. Heat the papers using an oven or dry iron for 10-20 minutes. Examine with a Forensic Light Source and photograph the resulting latent prints. Heating the papers with a hand iron for 10-20 minutes is a bit time consuming. We recommended using an oven. Our pre-mixed solution has a non-flammable carrier and can be shipped via air.
Part Number: LTN-10036 (Pre-mixed 4oz)
Price: $88-00
Sirchie DFO Solution
DFO is a ninhydrin analog used for developing latent prints on porous surfaces. Its fluorochrome properties make it especially useful on multicolored surfaces where the background would interfere with subsequent photography. DFO reacts with the amino acid content of fingerprint residue, and it will not interfere with subsequent analysis using ninhydrin, silver nitrate or physical developer. In fact, some labs report that DFO use improves the results gained with ninhydrin. According to the “Manual of Fingerprint Development Techniques” published by the Police Scientific Development Branch of the British Home Office, DFO will develop more fingerprints than ninhydrin. Testing in the U.S. indicates that DFO will develop 2 1/2 times as many prints as ninhydrin. Other testingindicates that DFO is also effective for developing latent blood prints. On occasion, DFO will produce lightly colored (pink) latent prints, but its real strength is in its fluorescent properties. DFO fluorescence may be produced using ultraviolet light, BLUEMAXX™ and other alternative light sources. DFO is now packaged in a pump spray which contains 100ml of pre-mixed reagent for better control and less waste. DFO in crystal form is available for those labs preparing their own formulations.
Part Number: SIR-DFS200P
Price: $88-00
Sirchie Development Control Chamber
This is a controlled heat chamber designed specifically to accelerate the development of DFO-treated latent prints. DFO is a fluorescence agent which attaches to fingerprint residues on paper and other porous surfaces and causes them to emit light when suitably viewed. It has been found to develop up to two and a half times the number of prints developed by ninhydrin. Although DFO-treated prints will slowly develop unaided, research has shown that they can be accelerated safely and significantly by the judicious application of heat. The DFC100 and DFC200 conform to the findings of current research by independent forensic investigators and laboratories toprovide an optimum acceleration environment. For efficiency, chambers are designed to allow for the hanging of multiple documents. Removable shelves allow for the development of items not easily hung. Observation through the double-pane, tempered glass door allows monitoring of development without disturbing the controlled atmosphere of the development chamber. The state of development can sometimes be judged by observing visual indicators, but is most accurately judged using fluorescence techniques. Because of its broad excitation band, excitation of DFO-enhanced prints can be accomplished with SIRCHIE®’s BLUEMAXX™ systems. Emissions are viewed through the barrier filter integrated into BLUEMAXX™ systems. The DFC100 and DFC200 feature solid-state, single set point temperature controllers with a digital readout. Although pre-set for optimum DFO development, the temperature is easily adjusted to meet individual needs. Efficient, high-temperature insulation surrounds the oven chambers while automatic cutoff at 220°F reduces the possibility of damage tosensitive papers.
Part Number: SIR-DFC100220 (above)
Price: $1,980-00
Part Number: SIR-DFC200220
Price: $2,497-00

Cyanoacrylate Fuming

The CYANOWAND™ is incredibly simple to use. Simply attach a cyanoacrylate cartridge, ignite and begin fuming. Hold the CYANOWAND™ several inches away from the suspect surface and sweep the wand back and forth. Latent prints develop as they're fumed. The CYANOWAND™ also offers superb fuming capabilities when used with SIRCHIE®'s fuming chambers. Includes all the necessary materials to process latent fingerprints with cyanoacrylate fuming. Instructions are also included.
Part Number: SIR-SCW100
Price: $365-00
**Additional freight charges may apply**
Replacement Cartridges
STANDARD CARTRIDGES-are pre-loaded with cyanoacrylate. They emit a controlled cyanoacrylate vapor for approximately two minutes. Pack 10.
Part Number: SIR-SCW200
Price: $66-00
MEGA-CARTRIDGES-are extra-large, disposable, pre-loaded cyanoacrylate cartridges which emit vapor for approximately four minutes. Pack 10.
Part Number: SIR-SCW300
Price: $110-00
HULK CARTRIDGES-will typically fume continuously for more than one hour or for ten 5-minute "burn" cycles. Pack 4.
Part Number: SIR-SCW400
Price: $132-00

SIRCHIE®'s 16 oz. bottle of OMEGA-PRINT™ is designed for departments that process a large number of latent prints with cyanoacrylate. OMEGAPRINT ™ is supplied with four applicator bottles to maintain the integrity of the bulk container and to permit drop application to dispersal pads and disposable fuming trays. OMEGA-PRINT™ is one of the leading choices of many law enforcement agencies throughout the world.
Part Number: SIR-CNA103
Price: $121-00
**Additional freight charges may apply**
SIRCHIE THE FINDER™ Cyanoacrylate Packets, 5 ea.
THE FINDER™ is a unique gel formulation sandwiched between two layers of aluminum foil. Place the packet horizontally or vertically in a fuming chamber-without dripping any glue.
Part Number: SIR-CNA2000 (pack 4)
Price: $44-00
The CYANO-SHOT™ is one of the hottest new products to come along in the world of latent print development in quite some time. Utilizing the developmental properties of cyanoacrylate, this amazing product creates an abundant amount of heat, which decreases fuming time while providing quality ridge detail. The CYANO-SHOT™ is ideal for use with any of SIRCHIE®'s fuming chambers.
Part Number: SIR-CNA3006 (pack 6)
Price: $55-00
Lightning Cyanowand Kit
Here is a method of fuming with cyanoacrylate fumes, instantly in the field. It is no longer necessary to wait until you get back to the lab to fume evidence. After fuming, you can use your Forensic Light Source with powders and dyes to further enhance the latent prints. Use this glue fuming wand in conjunction with Redwop™, Greenwop™, Blitz-Red™, Blitz-Green™, Rhodamine, Ardrox, Basic Yellow 40, or other powders and dye stains. If you don't have either type of light source, you can always use regular or magnetic powders to dust the glue-developed prints, just like you would with any other type of glue fuming you currently do.
Using this wand in a fuming chamber is very effective and quick. The chamber fills with a high concentration of fumes in about 30 seconds. The glue fuming wand can be used the same way inside of a vehicle.
Each kit contains a self-igniting wand with a protective cover, a can of refill butane, ten regular glue cartridges, and a cartridge extraction tool, all within a sturdy case. The wand can be heated for three to four hours on one filling of butane. Since you are only using it for a few minutes per piece of evidence, a few hours is a very long time.
Part Number: KTN-16005b (without butane for air shipment)
Price: $330-00
Lightning Hard Evidence™ pouches are easy to use in the laboratory or in the field. They can be used inside of vehicles or inside of tents of plastic material covering furniture, bicycles, bodies, or other items too large for a regular chamber.
Part Number: LTN-14620 (pack 20)
Price: $200-00
Hard Evidence Liquid Glue
Using cyanoacrylates (e.g., "Super Glue" found in various instant bonding glues to develop latent prints on objects has been quite successful over the past few years. Upon placing the evidence and the glue product in an enclosed tank, such as a small fish tank, the fumes from these liquid adhesives react with the residues in latent prints to product hard, white visible impressions. The resulting visible prints can be photographed and processed with powders or chemicals.
Fuming takes a few minutes, and caution should be used to observe the process periodically, as "overfuming" can occur. It is recommended that a black backing card with "test" latent prints be placed in the container with the evidence. When the prints become visible on the cards, remove the evidence from the chamber.
Hard Evidence™ liquid glue is frequently used with a heat source to accelerate the process. The liquid glue is placed in a small metal container or piece of aluminum foil and placed on the hot plate. The one-pound liquid glue comes with five empty one-ounce containers. It is easier to fill the smaller containers for use on a daily basis than to use the large bottle. Store the large bottle in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life.
Part Number: LTN-14501 (1oz)
Price: $18-70
Part Number: LTN-14500 (454 grams)
Price: $176-00

Fuming Chambers & Cabinets

For those of you who do a lot of glue fuming to develop latent prints, and you prefer the atmospheric method with controlled humidity, here is the unit which will make your job easier. There are several automatic features which are preset but you have the option of changing them to meet your needs. For example, the humidity is set at 70%, but if you wish to raise or lower the humidity level, you can. You can adjust the time for the various cycles of fuming. You can turn the circulation fan on or off depending on the evidence you have in the chamber.
To avoid the hazards associated with the fuming of latent prints, this new Ductless Cyanoacrylate Fuming chamber is a fully automatic system that not only develops latent fingerprints but does it without exposing the user to any harmful fumes. It has a ductless filtration system, safety glass on the front door, vapor sealed lighting, brushless/sparkless motor blower and a locking mechanism for safety. While the unit is running, the door is locked. Once the evacuation of the fumes is complete, the door lock releases so you can open it.
The control panel allows you to use the factory-settings of humidity, timing and air circulation or select your own. Your climate may be hotter or cooler, more humid or less humid than other places so you have the freedom to adjust the unit to suit your needs and conditions. An internal circulation fan ensures uniform development throughout the chamber. Fumes can be evacuated at any time by the touch of a button to prevent the overdevelopment of latent prints.
The interior is coated so that glue fumes will not stick to the sides, reducing cleaning of chalky buildup. The safety glass door is the only surface which will have to be cleaned and something as common as acetone will clean it without harming it.
There are two sizes of chamber available. See the information below for the internal and external dimensions for each. Each chamber is portable and can be moved at any time.
Head Unit Features:.
  • Brushless/sparkless Motor Blower, 110 volts.
  • Built-in Vapor Sealed Lighting.
  • Multilayered Carbon Filter with Pre-Filter.
  • Humidity Controller.
  • Circulation Fan
Control Features:.
  • Main Power.
  • Heat Source Power.
  • Timer for Fume Removal Cycle.
  • Circulation Fan Power
Enclosure Features:.
  • Safety Glass Door with Locking Mechanism.
  • Evidence Tray.
  • Rod for Handing Evidence.
  • Heat Source
.CA-3000 Fuming Chamber. (Above)
  • Internal: 28" w x 28" h x 23" d.
  • External: 40" w x 53" h x 33 " d
Price On Application
CA-6000 Fuming Chamber. (Above)
  • Internal: 28" w x 40" h x 23" d.
  • External: 40" w x 85" h x 33" d.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Two-Year Warranty on parts and labor (excluding filters and lights)
Price On Application.
The 214CA offers the advantages of an environmentally sealed chamber for the processing of fingerprints with ninhydrin, cyanoacrylate and iodine. Because the chamber is constructed of Fiberglass, it is not subject to the severe corrosive effects of iodine fumes. All parts internal to the chamber are of stainless steel. Upper and lower ports allow for the connection of an exhaust system. The unit's silicone-encapsulated heater is self-limited to surface temperatures of no more than 450° to prevent the possibility of the formation of cyanide gases during glue fuming. A programmable digital temperature controller controls chamber temperature. Optimum ninhydrin processing temperature and iodine fuming settings are available via front panel switches. Processing can be monitored through a large Plexiglas™ front panel. Chambers are supplied with three document hanging rods, six document clips, ninhydrin spray, ninhydrin fixative, iodine crystal ampoules, iodine print enhancers, disposable fuming trays, a watch glass and complete instructions.
Part Number: SIR-214CA220
Price: $1,457-50
The FR100 features a 1.2 cubic-foot volume for handling multiple articles. A glass enclosure allows for monitoring of the development process. The 1/4" thick clear Plexiglas™ lid, with two built-in evidence support rods and six evidence clips, fits snugly to prevent leaking of fumes into the work area, and has a port compatible with both the PUM100 Portable Humidifier and the SCW101 CYANOWAND™. THE FINDER™ packets, OMEGA-PRINT™ cleaning materials, a wire mesh fuming platform, OMEGA-PRINT™ dispersal pads and OMEGA-PRINT™ disposable fuming trays are included with this chamber.
Part Number: SIR-FR100
Price: $495-00
SIRCHIE Heat-Accelerated Cyanoacrylate Laboratory Fuming Chamber (220V AC)
Description: This is SIRCHIE's newly redesigned Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber. It features a 4.0 cubic-foot volume for processing a large number of items simultaneously. Two heating elements, operating independently or simultaneously, allow for safe cyanoacrylate accelerated development of latent prints. The heater elements are self-limited to surface temperatures of approximately 230 degrees
Part Number: SIR-FR200
Price: $1,5400-00
SIRCHIE Benchtop Chambers (Includes filter)
The CyanoSafe™ Filtered Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber is designed to safely and effectively process evidentiary items using the cyanoacrylate fuming method. It provides a controlled environment for processing latent fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces while eliminating exposure to hazardous fumes. The CyanoSafe™ utilizes solid-state heating elements that ccelerate cyanoacrylate polymerization while providing proper humidity levels inside the chamber. he CyanoSafe™ is equipped with the AirSafe™ automatic controller which monitors filter conditions and allows automatic processing of latent evidence. once the cyanoacrylate has been placed into the heating tray, simply press the button labeled "PROCESS" on the automatic controller. The chamberlocks down and a humidity sensor is activated as the fuming process begins. Once the desired results are achieved, simply presses "PURGE" which automatically removes all harmful cyanoacrylate fumes from the chamber.
Part Number: SIR-CAS30 (30")
Price: $11,528-00
Part Number: SIR-CAS48 (48")
Price: $14,476-00
The PUM1002 Portable Humidifier Kit is designed to provide an efficient source of moisture for use in conjunction with latent print development processes which benefit from the presence of high humidity. It is supplied with a 2-foot hose which mates with inlet nozzles built into the CNA900, FR100, FR200 and 214CA development chambers or to a special moisture dispersion tool. The unit features an iconoloy steel heating element, humidity level control, removable transparent water tank for easy refill and low water indicator lamp. The water tank has 2-gallon capacity, sufficient for 25-hours of continuous operation. Automatic shutdown occurs at low water levels to prevent overheating.
Part Number: SIR-PUM100220
Price: $836-00

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