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Biohazard Protection Kits

Lightning Bio-Hazard Protection Kit. This is your complete kit for personal protection from biological hazards. Protect yourself and your officers from communicable diseases and general contamination from crime scenes and accident investigations. This Biohazard Personal Protection Kit is complete and ready to use in any emergency.

Each kit is cleanroom-sealed in an individual bag to protect the contents against dirt and damage until needed. A biohazard disposal bag is included for the collection of the used, soiled clothing.

Each Kit Contains:

  • One Full-length Impervious Jumpsuit with Hood and Attached Shoe Covers (Sizes: Small/Medium, Medium/Large, Extra-Large or 2X-Large)
  • One Fluid Shield Procedure Mask with Splash Guard Visor
  • One Pair of Latex Medical Gloves
  • One Biohazard Waste Bag
  • One Antimicrobial Towelette


Part Number: LTN-35501 (small/medium)
Price: $44-00

Part Number: LTN-35502 (large)
Price: $57-00

Part Number: LTN-35503 (x-large)
Price: $63-00

Part Number: LTN-35504 (2x-large)
Price: $60-00


This complete biohazard cleanup kit meets/exceeds OH&S guidelines.

Contains: High Risk powder-free Latex gloves Body fluid treatment/Encapsulant Disposable waste scoops Surface disinfectant wipe Antimicrobial wipe Packet Purell instant hand sanitizer Biohazard waste bag


Part Number: SIR-PPP300
Price: $33-00


This is a complete personal kit meeting/exceeding OSHA guidelines


Contains: Full length Impervious open back gown Disposable latex gloves Mask with splash visor Anitmicrobial wipe Biohazard waste bag

Part Number: SIR-PPP100L
Price: $33-00

Part Number: SIR-PPP100XL
Price: $33-00

Part Number: SIR-PPP100XXL
Price: $36-30





Putreban Odour Inhibitor


Putreban Odor Shield
The smells from some crime scenes with dead bodies can be very offensive. Autopsies of decompsing bodies can have very strong odours. Putreban is a gel that is rubbed above the upper lip, inhibiting the offensive odours of decomposing or burned flesh while still allowing the full gamut of additional smells through. Available in individual-use pouches, the product can be carried in a shirt pocket or crime scene kit until needed. Putreban has a mild, pleasing vanilla scent to it.


Part Number: LTN-35580
Price: $66-00


Personal Protection


Your personal health and safety at crime scenes should be foremost in your mind. Protect yourself and your clothing with these durable, tear-resistant TYVEK® full-coverage outfits. Our coveralls feature a hood and shoe covers to protect you from head to toe at scenes contaminated with hazardous materials.


Part Number: SIR-TYV100 (large)

Part Number: SIR-TYV101 (X-large)

Part Number: SIR-TYV102 (XX large)

Price: $24-00

More than just a shoe cover, these TYVEK® boots with vinyl, non-skid soles offer extended protection against blood and other hazardous materials.


Part Number: SIR-TYV200 (medium)

Part Number: SIR-TYV201 (large)

Price: $11-00

This respirator may be used in situations to guard against nuisance-level organic vapors and in other situations where dust/mist protection is needed.


Part Number: SIR-SF0074
Price: $14-30

SPC100 Contents: 6- SF0072 Disposable Jumpsuits 6- SF0073 Disposable Shoe Cover Pairs 6- SF0074 Disposable Anti-Odor Masks 6- SF00771 Latex Glove Pairs, Large Ambidextrous 1- SPC100C Carrying Case, Molded Copolymer


Part Number: SIR-SPC100
Price: $222-20

LIGHTNING COVERALLS At crime scenes, personal protection is of the utmost importance for the health and safety of law enforcement employees. Safety is not something to be taken lightly. Coveralls are designed to protect the person and the clothing from blood, chemicals and other liquid hazards at crime scenes.

All Lightning protective clothing is made of Tyvek® materials and is available in two different grades. Tyvek® 1424A (white) and Tyvek® QC (yellow) were tested for the permeation of blood under splash and pressure conditions. If blood is only splashed with no pressure applied, both grades of Tyvek® have a break-through time of more than eight hours. However, if there is pressure involved, such as kneeling or leaning in blood, choose the Tyvek® QC. Blood will only penetrate the Tyvek® QC after pressure greater than 2 pounds per square inch is reached.


Tyvek Coverall Part Numbers:

LTN-35411 (Medium)

LTN-35412 (Large)

LTN-35413 (X-large)

Price: $16-50

LTN-35415 (XX Large)

Price: $17-60

Tyvek Coverall with Hood & Feet

LTN-35406 (Medium)

LTN-35407 (Large)

LTN-35408 (X-large)

Price: $22-00

LTN-35410 (XX large)

Price: $23-10

Tychem QC Coverall

LTN-35611 (Medium)

LTN-35612 (Large)

LTN-35613 (X-Large)

Price: $26-40

LTN-35615 (XX-Large)

Price: $27-50

Tychem QC Coverall with Hood & Feet

LTN-35606 (Medium)

LTN-35607 (Large)

LTN-35608 (X-Large)

Price: $33-00

LTN-35610 (XX-Large)

Price: $34-10

Lightning Disposable, Protective Shoe Covers These Tyvek® 1422A shoe covers with non-skid, vinyl soles should be used at crime scenes where trace evidence may be important. Issue a pair to everyone entering the crime scene and collect them when each person is leaving the scene. Turn them inside out and book them into the evidence room. It may not be necessary to examine them for trace evidence, but if it is, the trace evidence is not lost. Two sizes.


Part Number: LTN-35429 (Medium)

Part Number: LTN-35430 (Large)

Price: $6-00

Lightning Disposable, Protective High Top Boots Tyvek® 1422A high-top boots with non-skid, vinyl soles offer more protection higher on the leg. If there were a chance of splashing of blood or hazardous materials or if the blood were on furniture, on the walls or on any location where the leg may brush against it, the choice would be to wear high-top boots rather than just shoe covers. One size.


Part Number: LTN-34531


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