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FIST #333 Police Training Suit
The #333 Police Training Suit is the most comprehensive Defensive Tactics suit ever devised. Its most outstanding characteristic is that it is capable of receiving blows from real weapons (PLP24, PR-24, Expandables, etc.) at full power without damaging the trainer. This allows the students in training to become accustomed to using their actual equipment in a more realistic environment with a realistic target. It also gives the student a sense of timing, speed and weight that accompanies a real weapon. This can be very important in preventing injuries to both police officers and citizens. The outer covering is indestructable Cordura nylon for long life and durability.

The #333 is also extremely mobile for this amount of protection. It affords as much or more mobility than any other product on the market. With this mobility, the trainer can portray a more realistic scenario. This is also why the #333 is being used more and more in cell extractions by Corrections Officers.

Part Number: RNC-3330280
FIST #99TS Training Suit
Simply put, this suit is a half-weight, half-protection version of the #333. It's Fist's answer to those who don't intend to use real weapons in training but want a strong and extremely versatile training suit. Although the protection level of the #99TS is quite good compared to the usual on-the-market suit, it is considered lightweight compared to the #333. It will protect you from fake or soft sticks.
Its mobility is incredible. Because of the difference in thickness, there is practically no inhibition of mobility. Because of this mobility, it is the perfect suit for students in light combat or rough situation training.
The #99TS is covered with the same indestructible Cordura Nylon as the #333 so it will last under the push and pull of the toughest training schedule.
These training suits, for safety purposes, are being color coded so there is no mistaking their protection capabilities. The #99TS is blue, and the #333 is black. This will insure that no one mistakes a #99TS for a #333. The options are (and will remain) in these colors, so you can judge their protection capabilities.
Part Number: RNC-99TS
Replacement parts are available for both suits.

Training Firearms & Accessories

Ring's Blueguns
These firearms and accessories are the actual size and are impact resistant polyurethane with steel reinforcement, which makes them ideal for training or activities where the weapon is likely to be dropped. They are identical to the real weapons and feature realistic detail. These weapons are suitable for role play scenarios, movie applications or anywhere that a real weapon appearance, shape or weight are required. Accessories include Maglight flashlights, radio, OC spray, knife, a variety of magazines to suit all pistols and longarms and distraction grenades. Correct licences or permits are required to purchase. Ideal for Use of Force training in the Law Enforcement environment.

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