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Blackhawk Tactical SERPA Holsters

BlackHawk Tactical SERPA Holsters
Blackhawk CQC Tactical SERPA Holsters were developed in response to operator demand, this tactical version of our SERPA Technology Retention Holster allows you to have a tactical holster that offers unequalled speed and comfort, with the security of the patented SERPA locking system. The SERPA Holster allows a rapid draw when the pistol is need adn locks securely upon reholstering. Nothing to strap, snap or rotate, it's austomatic.
-Unique thigh platform molds itself to the size of the users leg.
-'Y'-harness leg straps with articulating quick release buckles will not impede movement or bind.
-Picatinny Rail Accessory System allows mounting/changing accessories to platform in seconds.
-Pistol is secured immediately upon reholstering, no snaps, straps or hoods to come open.
Available in Black, Coyote Tan and Olive Drab. Holster to suit Glock 17/19/20/21/22/31/32/37/39, 1911 style pistols, Beratta 92/96, SIG 220/226 in both right and left hand.
Accessory pouches additional.
Price: $187-00

Blackhawk Tactical Thigh Rigs

Due to the extensive range produced by Blackhawk only a sample is displayed. If you don't see what you are looking for please contact our office.
Blackhawk OMEGA MK-9 Drop Leg/Belt Pouch
Designed to efficiently secure the Mk-9 gas canister on your leg, drop style or directly on your belt like a duty pouch. It has two non-slip leg straps and fully adjustable/removeable lid. A must have for corrections facility and/or civil disturbance teams.
Part Number: BHI-56MK09BK
Price: $80-00
Blackhawk OMEGA Drop Leg Medical Pouch
There are two words to describe this piece of gear, "versatile" and "awesome"! It can be worn on the thigh, at the ready when medical action is needed. It can also be worn on the front of an Omega Tactical Modular Vest or on the back of other Omega tactical vests. Anoth option is to mount it on your belt in a high ride position. Medical supplies are not included.
Part Number:
BHI-56MP00BK (Black, shown)
BHI-56MP00OD (Olive Drab)
Price: $88-00
Price: $96-00
Blackhawk Enhanced Omega M-16/Pistol Mag Holds 2 Each
This is the latest in the tactical drop leg design. It carries two M-16 30 round magazines and two pistol magazines. The M-16 pouch has an internal dividerand elastic retention system to keep both magazines silent and secure. The pistol magazine pouch lids are fully adjustable for tall or short magazines. Like all Blackhawk Thigh Rigs is has two non-slip straps.
Part Number: BHI-5616PMBK
Price: $88-00
Blackhawk Omega Gas Mask Pouch
this Omega Gas Mask pouch can be worn on the leg or on the belt, Both the belt hangar and the non-slip leg strap are fully adkustable and removeable. It also comes with a removeable shoulder strap.
Part Numbers:
BHI-56GM00BK (Black)
BHI-56GM00OD (Olive Drab, shown)
BHI-56GM00DE (Coyote Tan)
Price: $110-00
Price: $96-00
Blackhawk OMEGA SMG Pouch (HOLDS 3)
This pouch holds three SMG magazines (HK MP5 9mm) with two leg straps that are fully adjustable and removeable for direct belt attachment. the flaps are held secure by side release buckles.
Part Numbers:
BHI-56SMG3BK (Black only)
BHI-56SM40BK (Black, holds 9mm, .40S&W and UMP.45)
*Please specify calibre when ordering.
Price: $88-00

Blackhawk Tactical Thigh Holsters

BlackHawk Tactical Omega VI Ultra Universal Modular Light Holster
The Omega VI Ultra is an ambidextrous universal modular light holster. It is designed for selcet pistols with light mounts. It is configured for either right side or left side wear and is MOLLE/S.T.R.I.K.E. compatible. It can be used without the light mounted. The bottom of the holster is sewn closed to prevetnt accidental discharge of your light.
-Thumb break security strap.
-Extra magazine pouch.
-Adjustable belt hangar with Drop Leg Extension and quick release.
-High or low ride, removable strap.
-Two adjustable abd removable non-slip leg straps.
-Weapon sight track.
One size fits all:- SIG 226-8: Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 21, 20: Model 1911 style pistols, USP 40, 45: Beretta 92F/S, 96.
Part Numbers:
BHI-40MLH1BK (Black)
BHI-40MLH1CT (Coyote Tan, shown)
BHI-40MLH1OD (Olive Drab)
Price: $148-00
BlackHawk Tactical Omega VI Assault Holster X3
The Blackhawk Omega VI is a drop leg holster whcih allows a quick draw from any position. It has an adjustable belt hanger made of three layers of heavy duty scuba belt webbing with two fully adjustable and removable leg straps. this reduces motion when running, jumping, swimming or crawling. the holster itself is made of heavy duty quilted ballistic NyTaneon which will maintain the shape of the holster when the gun is drawn. This provides quick, confident re-holstering of your weapon. The thumb break is adjustable and has a safety retention strap for a perfect fit.
-Non-slip adjustable lag straps.
-Fully adjustable belt hangar for high or low strap or no strap.
-Weapon sight track.
-Thumb break security strap.
Accommodates most pistol types. Contact our office to confirm availability for your pistol.
Part Numbers:
BHI-40QD80BK (Black, shown)
BHI-40QD80DE (Coyote Tan)
BHI-40QD80OD (Olive Drab)
Price: $99-00
BlackHawk CQR Holster
The CQR Assault Holster is designed to allow the shooter to snap in his pistol for quick prisoner control without using the thumb break and to allow absolute release and quick draw, when needed. there are no levers or buttons and no twisting.
-Fully adjustable tension fittings.
-Includes 2 Omega non-slip leg straps.
-Adjustable leg hangar.
Extra magazine pouch on front with fully adjustable lid for magazine, knife, etc.
-Adjustable thumb break and security strap.
-Rigid Talon-Flex plastic insert.
Part Numbers to suit Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 34, 35:
BHI-40RH02BK (Black)
BHI-40RH02DE (Coyote Tan)
BHI-40RH02OD (Olive Drab, shown)
Part Number to suit Model 1911 style pistols:
Price: $170-00

Blackhawk SERPA Modular Platform

BlackHawk Tactical Modular Dropleg Platform
Constructed of high density polymer, this versatile drop leg platform is designed to hold four of the CQC accessory carriers for lights, magazines, etc. It is also S.T.R.I.K.E./MOLLE compatible so it will work with a number of Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. pouches. It uses the new 'Y' configuration hangar system for maximum comfort and flexibility.
-Dual non-slip BTS belt loop attachments.
-'Y' configuration, heavy duty hangar straps with quick release buckles to detach from belt for convenience and comfort.
-Platform constructed of high density polymer.
-Removeable 38mm non-slip upper leg strap and 50mm non-slip lower leg strap for maximum stability.
-Ventilated for increased airflow.
-Four accessory rails for CQC magazine, light and adjustable for height and orientation.
Part Numbers:
BHI-432300PBK (Black, shown)
BHI-432300PCT (Coyote Tan)
BHI-432400POD (Olice Drab)
BHI-432400PFG (Foliage Green)
Price: $88-00
Double Row Magazine Pouch
The double stack magazine pouch will take all 9mm and .40S&W cal staggered row magazines, including polymer-body designs. The most interesting thing about the magazine pouch is that the unique belt clip can be removed and they can be carried side by side on the Modular Dropleg Platform.
Part Numbers:
BHI-410600PBK (Black)
BHI-410600PCT (Coyote Tan)
BHI-410600POD (Olive Drab, shown)
BHI-410600PFG (Foliage Green)
Price: $27-50
Compact Light Carrier
This small yet rugged carrier is designed to carry the smaller personal flashlights that are so popular with Police, soldiers adn civilians such as the Surefire 6P and G2 and the Streamlight Scorpion. The built-in tensioning device allows the use of all these lights and keeps them in place and ready to use. The button recess at the bas eof the carrier prevents the accidental activation of light switches that protrude from the tail cap. The light carrier is the same as the magazine pouch in that the belt clip can be removed and it can be attached to the Modular Dropleg Platform.
Part Numbers:
BHI-411000PBK (Black)
BHI-411000PCT (Coyote Tan, shown)
BHI-411000POD (Olive Drab)
BHI-411000PFG (Floiage Green)
Price: $27-50

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