Tactical Packs

Blackhawk X-4 OPSEC Pack


BlackHawk Tactical X-4 OPSEC Pack
Built for maximum comfort and durability, the X-4 OPSEC Pack comes with a 3 litre Hydrastorm Hydration System to increase your hydration and efficiency, even on the move. A heavily padded back panel, removeable contoured shoulder straps and waist belt are covered with a thick, pliable mesh for comfort and ventilation. Designed for hard use in extreme environments, this pask is equally at home in the field, at school or even as a carry on for commercial air travel.


-1000 denier NyTaneon and Mil-Spec webbing.
-Padded, contoured, removeable shoulder straps and waist belt with additional lumbar support straps.
-Two form-fitting aluminium stays for a custom fit.
-Four external compression straps with side releasse buckle for added load stability (can also accept BHI-603DAP option)
-Adjustable sternum strap and silent zipper pulls.
-Exterior cargo pouch with organiser for pens, notepads, etc and soft pile lined eyewear pouch with zippered closure.
-Two external mesh pouches for canteen, spare magazines, etc with drawstring closure.
-External utility loop, daisy chain and bungee for additional gear attachment.
-Padded pouch for Hydrastorm Hydration System with side release security strap and hook and loop hang tabs.
-Heavy duty carry/drag handle.
-Hard point on bottom to attach BHI-22CS01 Compression Stuff Sack (Optional)
-Includes 3 litre Hydrastorm Hydration System with market proven bite valve and patented quick disconnect system plus colour matching insulated tube cover.
-Drink system protected by Microban Anitmicrobial Treatment.


Part Numbers:

BHI-603D02BK (Black)
BHI-603D02OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-603D02DE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $297-00

BHI-603D02AU (ARPAT, shown)

Price: $341-00



Blackhawk 3-Day Assault Pack


BlackHawk 3-Day Assault Back Pack Black
The 3-Day Assault Pack is a uniquely designed mid-sized frameless pack. It has a padded back, padded contour shoulders straps with detachable sternum strap and padded removeable waist belt. the inside back has a pouch to fit an optional Hydrastorm Hydration System with an elastic covered grommed Tube Routing System to feed the drink tube out the top and over either shoulder. this feature allows the user to efficiently carry 3 litres of hot or cold liquid and drink on the move. the pack has a main compartment, smaller cargo pouch and cargo pocket. this pack also comes with sleeping bag straps.

-Padded shoulder straps with 'D'-rings for equipment attachment.
-Detachable, elasticized sternum strap with silent release buckle.
-Compartments are closed by YKK zippers with silent pulls.
-Optional Hydrastorm Hydration System.
-Made of 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon.
-Dual side detachable padded waist belt
-Drag/carry handle.

Cargo Capacity - 36.7 litres


Part Numbers:

BHI-603D00BK (Black, shown)
BHI-603D00OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-603D00DE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $242-00


Price: $209-00





Blackhawk Patrol Packs


BlackHawk Tactical Patrol Pack
If you demand absolute versatility and an extremely durable and functional top loading pack then the Blackhawk Patrol Pack is for you. the Patrol Pack is compact with a contour design to allow efficient movement through bush and urban environments. It is built to carry as much weight as you can yet remain light and comfortable. The side pockets have slots to carry long items such as skis, machetes, radio antennae, etc.
-Contour fit shoulder straps with sternum strap and detachable padded waist belt.
-Non-slip HawkTex shoulder pads for weapon lock-in system.
-IVS back panel with sturdy top carry handle.
-Front, top and sides have slotted webbing for A.L.I.C.E. clip attachment.
-Four interior compartments for seperate gear storage.
-Glint tape ID patch (fits on pack or uniform)
-All pouches secured by silent side release buckles.
-Top flap has a concealed map compartment.
-Removeable closed cell foam back padding.
-Quick ditch buckles on shoulder straps.
- Made of 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon.
-Hydrastorm compatible.
-Extra cinch straps.

Cargo Capacity - 21 litres


Part Numbers:

BHI-60PP00BK (Black)
BHI-60PP00OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-60PP00DE (Desert Camo)

Price: $359-38

BHI-60PP00AU (ARPAT, shown)

Price: $363-00

Sortie/Commo Patrol Pack OD Green
This is the large RTO version of the Patrol Pack. It has a heavier duty design for carrying heavy loads such as radios, encryption equipment and all the accessories.


-Blackhawk's 1000 denier NyTaneon material.
-Top cinch tabs to keep top of pack close to body.
- Padded waist (removeable and adjustable up and down)
-Radio antenna routing openings in top and internal cinch compartment.
-Hydrastorm Hydration System compatible.
-Utilizes a large button hole with elastic protective cover instead of grommets.
-Five internal cinching compartments.
-Larege/long side pouch for antennas.
-Six external pouches.
-Two lash straps for compression stuff sacks/sleeping bags, etc.
-BTS webbing for additional pouch attahment on upper portion of pack and on top of lid.
-Top loading lid.
-Flip up top compartment for "reach in tuning" of radio frequency and button access.
-2 bottom drain buttonholes.

Cargo capacity - 57.3 litres


Part Number: BHI-60PP02OD (Olive Drab only)

Price: $440-00



Blackhawk X-1 & X-3 R.A.P.T.O.R. Packs


X-1 R.A.P.T.O.R. Pack with 3 Litre HydraStorm
The X-1 Ranger Assault Pack, Tactical Operations Ruck is designed for special operations use and abuse. It is made to the specifications of the US Special Ops Groups. It has a large external "utility pouch" on the right side and one combo "Pop-flare Pouch and Radio pouch" on the left side. All material is heavy duty 1000 denier NyTaneon, with all seams quad-stitched and triple taped edges. It includes the patented hydrastorm Hydration 3 litre System. It is freefall and static line jumpable with built-in harness attachment system. The shoulder straps and waist belt are packed with a 12.7mm closed cell foam and have an additional fully adjustable extreme load carry suspension system. Drain holes provided for each compartment for an increase in efficiency during maritime operations.


-Includes 3 litre Hydrastorm Hydration system with insulated tube cover and Bite Me bite valve.
-IVS (Intercooler Venting System) back panel.
-Built-in jump harness with heavy duty parachute webbing.
-Built-in drop line pouch and routing system.
-Fully openable main compartment.
-Combo jump harness and top grab handle design.
-Heavy duty YKK zippers with silent pulls.
-BTS attachment webbing on outside of pack for modular gear attachment. Add any Blackhawk pouches.

Total cargo capacity - 41 litres


Part Numbers:

BHI-603D05BK (Black)
BHI-603D05OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-603D05DE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $399-90


Price: $330-00

X-3 R.A.P.T.O.R. Pack with 3 Litre Hydrastorm
The X-3 Ranger Assault Pack Tactical Operations Ruck is the latest in free fall and static line jumpable packs that Blackhawk have to offer. The X-3 has the Intercooler Venting System back panel, which helps to provide better moisture evaporation and enhance the overall pack support and performance. It is made with heavy duty 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon with all seams quad-stitched and trim taped edges. Inside the main compartment are three securing cinch straps, two horizontal and one centred vertically. Drain holes are provided for each compatrment for easy and quick drainage for maximum efficiency during maritime operations.


-Includes a 3 litre Hydrastorm Hydration System with insulated tube cover and Bite Me bite valve.
-IVS back panel.
-Built-in jump harness with heavy duty parachute webbing.
-Built-in drop line pouch and routing system.
-Fully accessible main compartment.
-Combo jump harness and top grab hancle design.
-Silent zipper pulls.
-BTS webbing on outside of pack for modular gear attachment. Add any Blackhawk BTS pouches.

Cargo Capacity - 62.7 litres.


Part Numbers:

BHI-603D06BK (Black)
BHI-603D06OD (Olive Drab)

Price: $440-00

BHI-603D06AU (ARPAT, shown)

Price: $484-00





Blackhawk Phoenix Pack


Phoenix Pack
The Blackhawk Phoenix Pack is a uniquely designed frameless pack. It has a padded back, padded body, contoured 'S' shoulder straps with detachable sternum strap and torso lumbar support. The inside back has a pouch to fit an optional 3 litre Hydrastorm Hydration System with the Blackhawk Tube Routing System to feed the drink tube out the top and over either shoulder. This feature allows the user to efficiently carry 3 litres of hot or cold liquid to drink on the move. The packs main compartment has two internal securing straps and a pair of utility gear attachment straps.


-IVS cooling back panel.
-Silent zipper pulls.
-Weapon lock system lined with HawkTex.
-Optional Hydrastorm Hydration System.
-Body contour shoulder straps.
-External side compression straps.
-Made of 1000 denier nyTaneon nylon.
-Internal hydration tube stabilizer.
-Heavy duty carry/drag handle.
-All stress seams are edge bound and double stiched.
-Padded torsion and lumbar stabilizer waist belt.
-Two internal gear securing straps in main compartment.
-Fully adjustable pack height and sway stabilzer system.
-Two sets of securing straps (ground sheet, sleeping bag, etc)
-D-rings for equipment attachment on the "S" shoulder straps.
-All compartments have YKK zippers closed by dual sliders and silent pulls.
-Detachable, elasticised sternum strap with silent quick release buckle.
-Optional storage available with Assault Pack Accessory Pouch (BHI-603DAP)

Carge capacity - 45.8 litres.


Part Numbers:

BHI-60PH00BK (Black)
BHI-60PH00OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-60PH00DE (Coyote Tan, shown)

Price: $340-00


Price: $297-00



Blackhawk Special Operations Medical Packs


BlackHawk Special Operations Medical Back Pack
This pack was designed with the IVS Cool Back panel, silent zipper pulls and a dual adjusting waist strap. With design help from elite military medics who know the most efficient techniques in field trama care. this medical pack will open fully to display items in an emergency. the pack is a mid sized frameless pack with super comfortable contour padded shoulder straps and waist belt.


-Made of 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon.
-Top grab handle.
-Outer cinch straps.
-Internal compartments.
-Drain holes.
-Contour padded shoulder straps.
-Individual medical gear compartments.
-Padded back and padded inner trifold flap.
-Internal pockets made of urethane coated mesh.
-Two large compartments close using #9 YKK zipper and sliders with silent pulls.
-Special pouch to carry an optional 3 litre Hydrastorm Hydration System.
-Optional modular storage available with the Assault Pack Acessory Pouch (BHI-603DAP)
-12mm foam shoulder straps.


Part Numbers:

BHI-60MP00BK (Black)
BHI-60MP00OD (Olive Drab, shown)
BHI-60MP00DE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $253-00


Price: $297-00

S.T.O.M.P 2 Medical Pack (JUMPABLE) 2600ci Black
The S.T.O.M.P. 2 was designed to SEAL team medic specifications. All material is made of heavy duty 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon. All padded areas are closed cell foam. The shouldeer straps, sternum strap and adjustable web belt make for a comfortable fit. Cinch straps are included for the sides and top to maintain load integrity during stress manoeuvres. All of the zippers have pull tabs. Grommets are provided for drainage. Like all other Blackhawk packs, the S.T.O.M.P. 2 is Hydrastorm Hydration System compatible and has a tube rounting system.

Internal Features:

-Outside flap has two netted, zippered flat pockets.
-The next flap has several elastic stays, one large zippered pocket and four medium open pouches.
-The next flap has a zippered pocket with a netted flat pocket with two zippered openings, several small pockets and elastic keepers.
-The last flap has two pockets containing two colour coded mini packs.
-Pouches for two Hydrastorm Hydration Systems.

External Features:

-Adjustable shoulder straps, web belt and sternum strap.
-Paracord drop pouches so you can dangle the pack below your parachute and let it hit first.
-Two grab handles are attached to the outside flaps for picking up in a hurry. they also double as drag handles.
-Hook and Loop strip located on abck panel for attaching marker panels and other items.
-Inside panel is padded with closed cell foam.
-A.L.I.C.E. attachment webbing is sewn to the underside of the pack.
-Grommets in the bottom for drainage.
-Cinch straps are included for the sides and to to maintain load integrity during stress manoeuvres.


Part Numbers:

BHI-60MP01BK (Black)
BHI-60MP01OD (Olive Drab, shown)
BHI-60MP01DE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $599-90


Price: $506-00

M-7 Med Pack HydraStorm BK Includes 100 oz Hydration syst
The Blackhawk M-7 is a small, compact Med Pack designed for easy deployment and carry. Can be worn as a back pack or used as a carry bag. Great for medical gear, travel gear and anything needing separate compartments. Great for vehicle, boat or emergency service operators.


-IVS Molded back panel.
-Contour padded back pack straps with free float design.
-Sure grip top handle.
-Two large, covered pockets on sides, contoured for holding oxygen cylinders, IV bags, etc.
-Full side zip access.
-Large zipper pocket on flap on main compartment.
-Three-sided zipper on flap for total acces to interior compartment, zipper covered with rain flap.
-Large interior open-top.
-Divided pocket.
-Three 41cm x18cm clear view pcokets for quick equipment ID.
-One 41cm x 20cm clear view pocket attached to top flap.
-Divided elastic strips on flap to secure small items.
-Includes 3 litre Hydrastorm Hydration System.
-Large Hook and Loop attachment area on back panel for ID patches.
-BTS modular webbing on back panel for extra pouch attachment as needed.
-Made with heavy duty 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon.


Part Number: BHI-60MP03BK (Black only)

Price: $277-00



Blackhawk Belt/Vest Attachable Packs


Blackhawk Long Range Recon Patrol Butt Pack
The L.R.R.P. Butt Pack attaches to any belt with Blackhawks BTS belt loops and/or A.L.I.C.E. clips (2 included). the back panel has IVS molded foam for excellent stability and comfort. The IVS keeps the packs shape when over-loaded of under-loaded. the IVS also hellps flotation when travelling across rivers and streams or over the beach ops. You can attach the pack to a 'H' harness by the anodised metal D-rings.

Cargo capacity - 11.2 litres.


-Made of Blackhawk's 1000 denier NyTaneon material.
-IVS back panel.
-BTS and A.L.I.C.E. clip attachment.
-Drain grommets.
-Top carry handle.
-Lash tabs on the bottom for poncho, jacket, ect.
-Top pouch with dual zippers and silent pulls.
-Side and back pouches with adjustable silent side release buckles adn cinch top for NVG's, canteens, gloves, goggles, batteries, food, etc.
-Main compartment has internal cinch down rain cover.
-Top flap has hidden hook and loop pocket for objects like maps, candy bars, batteries, etc.
-Top flap also has grommets forlashing gear or attaching other items.


Part Numbers:

BHI-60BP02BK (Black)
BHI-60BP02OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-60BP02DE (Coyote tan, shown)

Price: $121-00


Price: $143-00

BlackHawk Special Operatn Day Pack Large
This Blackhawk day pack is the ideal way to carry gear directly on your vest or H-harness. The design has the IVS back panel as well as all necessary attachment hardware included. Made of 1000 denier NyTanyon nylon, the back has 9.5mm closed cell foam for added comfort. Formed elastic on the bottom of the pack holds extra gear.

Cargo capacity - 17.2 litres.


-IVS back panel.
-Two top flaps secure by side release buckles.
-Internal drawsrting liner with cordlock.
-Easily attaches to H-harness or vest.
-All edges bound with BPG Spec trim tape.
-12.7mm foam core design and double material layering.


Part Number: BHI-60XD00OD (Olive Drab only)

Price: $88-00



Blackhawk Pack Accessories

BlackHawk Compression Stuff Sack -Medium 29 X 9
this sack is fully enclosed with a drawstring liner and a four way cinching top flap. Made of 430 Packcloth. The CSS works great with Blackhawk's 3 Day Assault Pack (BHI-603D00), Special Operations Medical Pack (BHI-60MP00), Phoenix Pack (BHI-60PH00) and Patrol Pack (BHI-60PP00). Spacious design with a secure top.


Part Numbers:

BHI-22CS01BK (Black)
BHI-22CS01OD (Olive Drab, shown)
BHI-22CS01DE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $65-90

BHI-22CS01FG (Foliage Green)

Price: $55-00

BlackHawk Tactical 3-Day Accessory Pouch
these pouches are made of 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon with all edges bound and closes with #9YKK zipper and dual sliders with grip tabs. They attach directly to the Blackhawk 3 Day Assault Pack (BHI-603D00), Special Operations Medical Pack (BHI-60MP00) and Phoenix Pack (BHI-60PH00). A great feature of the pouches is that they are ambidextrous! New triangular design with dual adjustable cinch straps for absolute custom fit. Also works great with Hydrastorm Force 5 and Hydrastorm Cyclone packs.


Part Numbers:

BHI-603DAPBK (Black)
BHI-603DAPOD (Olive Drab)
BHI-603DAPDE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $39-90

BHI-603DAPAU (ARPAT, shown)

Price: $36-30

Blackhawk Pack Accessory Kit
All new kit includes two BHI-603DAP 3 Day Accessory Pouches that attach to sides of packs and one BHI-22CS01 Compression Stuff Sack that attaches to bottom of pack by using existing pack cinch straps.

3 Day Pack - BHI-603D00
Medical Pack - BHI-60MP00
Phoenix Pack - BHI-60PH00
STOMP 2 Medical Pack - BHI-60MP01
Plus Hydrastorm Force 5 and Cyclone packs.


Part Numbers:

BHI-60KT01BK (Black, shown)
BHI-60KT01OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-60KT01DE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $131-90


Price: $110-00

Detachable Shoulder Straps (Fits 60XD00) OD Green
Newly designed contour shape shoulder straps make any Blackhawk day pack into a separate backpack. Made of 1000 denier NyTaneon on top and 430 pack cloth on bottom and packed with 12mm closed cell foam padding for comfort. All Blackhawk packs have attaching hardware included. Snap it in and you're ready.


Part Numbers:

BHI-63SS00BK (Black)
BHI-63SS00OD (Olive Drab, shown)

Price: $47-90

BlackHawk Military Alice Ruck Frame Black
Made of aluminium, the standard issue. If you've never bent one, you haven't humped enough gear.


Part Number: BHI-60ARF1BK (Black only)

Price: $55-00

BlackHawk Enhanced Military Ruck Shoulder Straps.
Super comfortable and efficient. Made of 1000 denier NyTaneon and packed with 12mm closed cell foam. Feature welded and anodised metal D rings, quick ditch release system and adjustable sternum strap. Attach to any standard A.I.L.C.E. ruck frame.


Part Numbers:

BHI-63AS01OD (Olive Drab, shown)
BHI-63AS01DE (Coyote Tan)

Price: $50-00

Alice Ruck Kidney Pad
Designed to enhance performance and comfort. Made of 1000 denier NyTaneon and packed with 12mm closed cell foam. Attaches to any standard A.L.I.C.E. ruck frame.


Part Number:

BHI63AKP1OD (Olive Drab)
BHI-63AKP1DE (Coyote Tan, shown)

Price: $60-00


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