Metal Detectors

Metal Detector Hire Service


VAST offers a Walkthrough Metal Detector hire service. This includes the necessary instruction in the use of the units. The units are available for either daily, weekly or monthly hire. The walkthrough hire includes installation and removal from your location by our trained technician. They will also adjust and test the unit to your requirements. Hand held scanners are only available for hire with a walk thru unit.

This service is extremely popular for music concerts and film premiers to detect illegal cameras etc. or dignitary visits. They are also a must for firearm or trade shows to prevent the removal of merchandise. This is a cost effective way to secure your event without the large capital outlay required to purchase these units.

For futher details contact our sales department. Conditions apply.


Fisher CW-10 Hand Held


The Fisher CW-10 hand held metal detector is designed to safeguard security sensitive areas such as correctional facilities, nightclubs, courtrooms, public events, in fact anywhere. It provides precision locating of all types of metal in a highly durable package. The CW-10 gives you the choice between an audio alarm or a silent vibrator alarm, and provides an optimum sensitivity level for all your security needs. With no tuning required it is easy to use and serves as an effective locator for unwanted metal objects.

Part Number: FRL-CW10
Price: $330-00 GST inc


Fisher M-Scope


The worlds most versatile walkthrough metal detector. Weighing just 41 Kilos, the M-Scope is single person portable and can be erected or brokendown in less than 5 minutes. Power is supplied be intergrated batteries, eliminating the need for electrical wiring. The batteries will provide 40 hours of scanning power and the unit can be recharged either in-situ or when packed into storage.

The M-Scope provides head to toe and zone specific detection fields with 100 levels of adjustable sensitivity. It features a use friendly control keypad with security access coding and an LCD screen. Upon start up the M-Scope is conducts a self test and automatic calibration. There is even a memory for location specific settings and transit counter. LED zone and flow lights are flush mounted.

A wide range of accessories are available including shelters and mats for outdoor use, base levelers and storage covers.


Part Number: FRL-1860
Price: $9,900-00 GST inc.


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