Riot Shields

Premier Riot Shield

The newly enhanced 3100 shield is designed to provide maximum body protection with minimal weight. The shield is made of clear, UV-stable polycarbonate, which is lightweight and shatter-resistant. It is strong enough to protect the user from clubs, bricks, bottles and rocks. Visibility is undistorted. A new, thicker, shock-absorbing foam pad provides increased protection for the user's forearm. The Velcro® release arm strap is fully adjustable, yet secure enough to stay closed during tactical maneuvers. Our new injection-molded handle combines high strength with improved ergonomic comfort in any position.
-Tough, injection moulded, clear polycarbonate shield is 3.8mm thick.
-UV resistant polycarbonate allows visibility up to 88% light transmission.
-NEW Ergonomic injection moulded hande is 31.8mm diameter.
-NEW 19mm shock absorbing foam pad protects user's arm.
-12.7cm wide decal with white letters on black background allows easy identification.
-Standard decals available:- plain black, POLICE, CORRECTIONS, SHERIFF.
-Custom decals available on orders greater than 100.
-Weight 2.6 Kg fully assembled
-Dimensions: Height 36"/91.4cm Width 20"/50.8cm
Part Number: PCC-3100C (Corrections)
Part Number: PCC-3100P (Police)
Part Number: PCC-3100PL (Plain black)

Peacekeeper Riot Shield

The Peacekeeper offers extra protection during crowd management situations. It is available with either a new ambidextrous handle system or the state-of-the-art molded unit.
Standard Features
  • Lightweight design
  • Ambidextrous handle
  • High-density foam pad for comfort and impact resistance
  • Curved shape for maximum protection
  • 4mm-thick, shatter-resistant polycarbonate
  • Two-color nameplate with choice of lettering
Part Number: AHI-2036H (Standard handle, above left, 20"x36")
Part Number: AHI-2036C (Moulded handle, above right, 20"x36")
Part Number: AHI-2448H (Standard handle, above left, 24"x48")
Part Number: AHI-2448C (Moulded handle, above right, 24"x48")

Armadillo Shields

The Armadillo is a fully interlinking riot shield that allows a formation to survive extreme attack from rocks, petrol bombs and shotguns, yet can be released for rapid deployment and arrest teams. The line of interlinked shields gives a safe barricade behind which gas gunners, counter-sniper and SWAT teams can deploy. In opposed house entry situations the linked shields give total overhead protection.
1800mm high x 4mm thick x 570mm wide
Designed originally for the United Kingdom Prison Service as the standard barricade riot shield for Control and Restraint tactics. Used as the front rank shield, linked in formations of three shields in front, and three Short C&R Armadillo as roof or overhead protection.
The shield is 4mm thick Lexan polycarbonate with clear centre panel for maximum visibility. Due to the 1800mm (6ft) height, this shield allows an officer to stand upright and the shield survives extensive impact attack.
Hook and loop handles for comfortable carry both at the trail and in action. A foam rubber impact pad is attached to the inner face for protection of forearm. The backing panel allows releasable interlinking with any other style of Armadillo to give side, top and extended protection.
Part Number: CDS-SH001
1650mm high x 4mm thick x 570mm wide
Many Police Forces use a 1650mm (5ft 6ins) barrier-type shield for street tactics and intervention. The 4mm thickness is good protection against all forms of riot attack including rocks and petrol bombs. The Armadillo Barrier Shield is a Lexan polycarbonate 4mm front panel with a clear 3mm rear panel giving excellent visibility through the shield.
An optional impact pad of rubberised foam is available to protect the fore-arm. Hook and loop non-slip rubberised handles give comfortable carry both at the 'trail' and in action. The backing panel can be made with an optional lip allowing overhead linking.
This shield interlinks not only with every type of Armadillo but most types of shield available worldwide for mixed formations.
Part Number: CDS-SH002
1200mm high x 3mm thick x 570mm wide
This is the ultimate Police light-weight riot shield and in extensive service world wide.
The side mountings give side-by-side interlinking with not only other types of Armadillo shield but virtually any other style of shield available. This makes the Kent Style Armadillo ideal for mixed formations or multi-force operations.
The clear central panel gives excellent visibility. A shock resistant rubber pad protects the forearm. The 3mm thick backing panel has a specially moulded lip that allows overhead cover and roof protection to be assembled, as well as top-linking with other designs of riot shield. Non-slip rubberised hook and loop handles allow comfortable carry at trail as well as secure handgrip in action.
Part Number: CDS-SH006

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