Manual Entry Tools

Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Thor's Hammer™
Since its introduction to the tactical entry tool arena, the Thor's Hammer has earned a solid reputation among breaching teams as a versatile additiona to the standard battering ram design. The hammer design allows the breachers to position themselves parallel to a doorframe avoiding the "Fatal Funnel". After action reports have shoen the thor's hammer to be effective on lightweight exterior and most interior doors.
Part Number: BHI-DE/TH
Weight: 7 Kg Length: 61 cm
Price: $462-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Monoshock Entry Ram
The flasgship of the Blackhawk Dynamic Entry tool line, the Monoshock Ram is the expert breahers' entry ram of choice. Featuring electrically non-conductive, non sparking construction, the Monoshock Ram is incredibly durable. While raiding know or unknown explosive environments, the Monoshock Ram aids in safe operations. Its handles utilize a control-flex system that reduces impact stress to the operator. Padded quick release sling included.
Part Number: BHI-DE/MS
Weight: 14.5 Kg Length: 80 cmBHI-DE_MS
Price: $583-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Twin Turbo Entry Ram
When it's time to wipe out that reinforced door at your local crack house, the Twin Turbo delivers over 11,770 Kg of kinetic energy. It's enoguh to knock out the window and anyone behind it. Designed for two man teams or one really gung-ho type. In use with US DEA, ATFE and FBI plus Australian Federal Police and Australian Customs Service.
Part Number: BHI-DE/TTBHI-TT
Weight: 18.8 Kg Length: 101.6 cm
Price: $737-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry CQB Entry Ram
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry CQB Entry Ram - Close Quarter Battle
When door-breaching speed is required for lightweight exterior and interior doors, the CQB is the ram of choice. The oversized control-flex handle system allows breachers to position themselves in a safe zone even in cramped breaching situations. The CQB Ram is electrically non-conductive and non-sparking.
Part Number: BHI-DE/CQB
Weight: 10.4 Kg Length: 50.8 cmBHI-DE-CQB
Price: $462-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Hallagan Tools
Featuring capabilities that include being both non-sparking and electrically non-conductive, Dynamic Entry's technologically advanced Hallagan Tools are in a league of their own. Non-sparking alloys and casting designs increase leverage for both the fork and horn working ends. these tools are a muct for entries into dangerous and volatile environments.
Part Number: BHI-DE/SOHT - Special Operations Hallagan Tool
Weight: 3.4 Kg Length: 61cm
Price: $330-00
Part Number: BHI-DE/HT - Hallagan Tool
Weight: 3.6 Kg Length: 75cm
Price: $385-00BHI-DE-HT
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Boltmaster
The specifically heat-treated cutting edges of both the BoltMaster and Super BoltMaster are the finest available anywhere. Both bolt cutters feature an electrically non-conductive fibreglass handle system with safety-guard handgrips. Lightweight and durable.
Part Numbers:
BHI-DE/BM BoltMaster
Price: $330-00
BHI-DE/SBM Super BoltMaster
Price: $420-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Fence Climbers
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Fence Climber-DE-TFC (Per 4)
In a continuing effort to provide the best tactical tools available, Dynamic Entry has redesigned the Tactical Fence Climber. through a combination on new technology and rigorous R&D, the design team has created a new laser-cut fence climber that is lighter, more compact and easier to deploy than earlier designs. This unique design provides a scaling rung on both sides of the fence for easy and rapid egress. Comes as a set of 4.
Part Number: BHI-DE/TFC
Weight: 2.35 KgBHI-DE_TFC
Price: $230-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Thundersledge Series
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Thundersledge Hammers
Featuring an electically non-conductive Sure-grip handle system and a drop forged, heat treated head, the Thundersledge series is an essential additiona to any breaching kit. Meets or exceeds Dynamic Entry's high durability standards.
Part Numbers:
BHI-DE/MCR Micro-ThunderSledge
Weight: 2.08 Kg Length: 35.5cm
Price: $110-00
BHI-DE/MTS Mini-ThunderSledge
Weight: 3.4 Kg Length: 55.9cm
Price: $143-00
BHI-DE/TS ThunderSledge
Weight: 5.44 Kg Length: 81.3 cm
Price: $187-00BHI-DE_TS
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Padlock Buster
BlackHawk® Dynamic Entry® has discontinued the current non-sparking, electrically non-conductive Padlock Buster. A redesign of the Padlock Buster is in development and will be available mid-year 2007.
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Breacher Bars
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Special Operations Breacher
This new heavy duty and lightweight Hallagan style breaching device is designed for close quarter breaching situations. The Spec Ops Breacher features a stainless steel wedge with non-skid friction ridges for added stability and positioning while breaching even the most robust door. Safety-guard handgrips reduce operator impact stress. Electrically non-conductive handle system.
Part Number: BHI-DE/SOB
Weight: 3 Kg Length: 61cm
Price: $308-00BHI-DE_SOHT
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry The Breacher
This new heavy duty Hallagan style breaching device was designed for extreme breaching situations. The Breacher features a stainless steel wedge with non-skid friction ridges for added stability and positioning while breaching even the most robust door. Safety-guard handgrips reduce operator impact stress. Electrically non-conductive handle system.
Part Number: BHI-DE/TB
Weight: 3.2 Kg Length: 76.2 cm
Price: $308-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Thundermaul
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry ThunderMaul
The ThunderMaul features a drop-forged heat-treated carbon steel striking head with a nick-resistant tempered blade. The ergonomically designed sure-grip handle system reduces the possibility of the tool slipping out of the operator's hands during breaching operations.
Part Number: BHI-DE/TM
Weight: 3.4 Kg Length: 54.6 cmBHI-DE-TM
Price: $132-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry UK Hallagan Tool
Features a uniquely designed glass buster head for break and rake operations. Both working ends are constructed of hardened steel for years of abuse. Its electrically non-conductive handle with safety-guard handgrips reduces the possibility of the operator'shands slipping onto the working ends of the bar.
Part Number: BHI-DE/UKHT
Weight: 4 Kg Length: 82.5 cm
Price: $665-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Break-N-Rake
Specifically designed for window entries, the Break-N-Rake features a laser cut hook, serrated blade and three 30cm raking fins, all constructed of carbon steel. the hook effectively removes curtains, blinds and other obstructions, pulling them clear allowing for a dafer entry. The three 30cm fins on the 49.5cm Break-N-Rake head are designed to clear glass and other debris left in the window frame. Secured to a 32mm electrically non-conductive D-handle system for maximum pulling power, the Break-N-Rake is ideal for securing secondary breach locations or creating a tactical distraction.
Part Number: BHI-DE/BR
Weight: 4.2 Kg Length: 129.5 cm
Price: $440-00
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Gorilla Bar
the big brother to the Hallagan tool, the Gorilla Bar features friction ridges on the wedge creating an extremely functional prying tool. the fibreglass shft is self-extinguishing and will not burn when removed from direct contact with flame.
Part Number: BHI-DE/GB
Weight: 7.9 Kg Length: 101.6 cm
Price: $396-00

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